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GTT Lynx Torch

GTT Lynx Torch


Price: $435.00
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Part # Lynx

Because of the unique nature of GTT Torches the on line stock status is turned off.  Please call to receive the most up to date information on these popular torches.

The Lynx is a seven jet, Triple Surface Mix Torch. It was the first Triple Mix Torch from GTT and their patented Triple Surface Mix Technology makes their torches produce the most efficient flame available for today's glassblower. These torches burn cleaner and have more flame characteristics than any other torch on the market today. This is the first Triple Surface Mix size in the lineup of GTT's Triple Surface Mix Torches. It serves as the center fire for all the larger Two and Three Stage GTT torches.
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Mountain Glass - Lampworking and Flameworking Supplies 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.

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Mountain Glass - Lampworking and Flameworking Supplies
jan n.
so the lynx is an UNBELIEVABLE little torch. the flame characteristics of this tiny little package is hard to imagine coming out of such a small torch. you can work such a wider range of flames with it, from the tiniest oxy rich lase flame to a huge bushy reducing flame, and EVERYTHING in between. having a triple mix gtt will open possibilities as far as using colors that is just NOT an option with other torches. gtt has made something special, for us, that is well worth the wait. the best investment a serious flameworker can make, i give beginner lessons, and have a lynx to teach people on and also a carlisle mini, to show the difference, and the lynx is preferred by 10 out of 10 students!!!
Mountain Glass - Lampworking and Flameworking Supplies
Cleo D.
worth every penny
this is a great torch, the best in its size class. It makes clear beautiful glass without scum, trash, carbon etc from its crystal clear flame. The tripple mix is nowhere near as complicated as initial appearance. I was intimidated by the complexity initially, but it is simplicity itself once you've tried it a few times. Great on a concentrator, and more efficient than its peers. this torch will last you forever - that is, until you need a bigger one.
Mountain Glass - Lampworking and Flameworking Supplies
Joshuah J.
love the lynx
this is the staple gtt torch to start out with. i've melted 1 inch+ heavy wall boro with this torch with ease and have flame cut 50 mill heavy wall with it. it is a very versitile torch that allows pinpoint flame characteristics for small work as well.

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