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Nortel Red Rocket

Nortel Red Rocket


Price: $985.00
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Part # TN07

Nortel Red Rocket is an excellent value if you are looking for a torch capable of working large and small objects. With up to about a two inch flame coming from the two row outer fire and the seven jet minor burner nested inside, this torch is a great deal priced at a bit under $1000. 

New to nortel, it also has an adjustable gear pinion for easy torch positioning and can be modified for foot pedals. All this from a solid manufacturer in the lampworking torch field at a competitive price.
Optional Nortel Red Rocket Premix Sidekick Torch
Part # TN14
Price: $125.00
1/4" Inner Diameter, 25', Oxy/Fuel BB Fittings T Grade Hose
Part # E18
Price: $35.95
Fuel Gas / Propane Regulator - Standard Duty
Part # E17
Price: $72.00
Oxygen Regulator - Standard Duty
Part # E16
Price: $72.00
Flashback Arrestors - Set of Two, One Oxy & One Fuel Gas
Part # E15
Price: $70.66
Essential Lampworking for Beginners DVD
Part # V29
Price: $29.95
Nortel Red Rocket 4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.

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Nortel Red Rocket
Ian M.
Better than you think
For traditionally getting a bad rep, the Nortel Rocket is suptisingly a good torch to work with. At a price point much cheaper than 2 stage torches of similar size, its a good entry torch for those looking to get into the larger flame sizes and not drop too much money. The torch is great working color as well as thin hollowform. Would be an excellent torch for scientific work or delicate blown vessels. Only downside is the flame does not have the same driving characteristics as other torches, so be a little more patient. But overall good torch to work with

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