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Color Rod And Frit

Northstar - Glass Alchemy - Momkas - Roger Parramore - Origin (Boro Bars) - Trautman Art Glass (TAG) - Import Color Rod - Golden Gate Rod - Glasstronics
First Quality Rod - Odds & Seconds - Frit & Powder - Sample Packs - Wondercane Rod & Tubing - Single Color Tubing

Glass Alchemy
Glass Alchemy Rod - Frit - Powder - Sample Packs - Tubing - Ground Joints

Momka Glass
Rod - Multi-canes - Challenge Series - Sample Packs

Trautman Art Glass (TAG)
Color Rod - Frit - Sample Packs

Roger Parramore
Roger Parramore First Quality Rod - also known as the New Color Company.

Origin Glass (Borobars)
Color Stix and Frit from Origin Glass

Import Color Rod
Import Color Rod

Golden Gate Rod
Golden Gate Lined Rod

Indian Color - Manufacturer of one of the best opaque greens that is available. It is perfect for deep encasement applications.