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Effetre - Moretti Soft Glass Color Rod

The following products are subject to quantity price breaks. For each color ordered there are price discounts at half and full pound quantities.

In addition, If you order combined quantities of at least 5 pounds you will receive additional price discounts.  They are as follows:

5-9 pounds 20% discount - 10-24 pounds 25% discount -  Over 25 pounds is a 30% discount. Please note: a 4 oz minimum is required on each color to receive this volume discount.

Double Helix and Precision 104 are excluded from this.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order quantity for Moretti is 2 Ounces which is 1/8 Pound per color

ALL COLOR RODS ARE SOLD BY THE OUNCE - enter the following for your desired quantity.
Qty 2 = 1/8 lb
Qty 4 = 1/4lb
Qty 8 = 1/2lb
Qty 16 = 1lb
All Effetre Color Rod In One List
Condensed List of All Effetre Color Rod

Effetre Transparents
Effetre Transparent Color Rod

Effetre Pastels
Effetre Pastel Color Rod

Effetre Opal
Effetre Opal Color Rod

Effetre Specials
Effetre Special Color Rod

Effetre Alabasters
Effetre Alabaster Color Rod

Effetre Cool Colors
Effetre Cool Color Rod

Effetre Aventurine
Effetre Adventurine Color

Effetre Filigrana
Effetre Filigrana Color Rod

Effetre Stringers
Effetre 2-3mm Pre Pulled Stringers

Effetre Large Diameter Rod
Effetre 10-12mm Large Size Rod

Effetre / Moretti Sample Packs
The Perfect Way to Try a Variety of Colors!