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Soft Glass 104 C.O.E

ALL COLOR RODS ARE SOLD BY THE OUNCE - enter the following for your desired quantity.
Qty 2 = 1/8 lb
Qty 4 = 1/4lb
Qty 8 = 1/2lb
Qty 16 = 1lb
Effetre - Moretti Soft Glass Color Rod
Effetre / Moretti - Is sold at a minimium of 2 ounces each color (1/8 pound). The rods are 13-14 inches long

Effetre - Moretti Frit

Effetre Frit - 2 ounce plastic containers - Grade size vaires from 0.8 - 2.0 mm

Messy Color (CiM)
Creation is Messy is dedicated to producing the highest quality 104 COE compatible hand pulled glass rods.

Trautman 104 (TAG)
High Quality Reactive Colors by Trautman Art Glass (TAG)

Double Helix
Amazing striking and reducing colors in rod and frit - similar to many top selling borosilicate colors

Dichroic Glass
CBS 104 C.O.E. Sheet Glass - CBS Dichroic Extract

Soft Glass Project Kits
These projects have all the tools, glass, mandrels and bead release you need to create wonderful lampwork beads.