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Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose

Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose


Price: $149.00
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4.6 Rating

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Part # TS01

When you pick up The Little Torch(TM), you know immediately that you are holding a magnificent instrument which will enable you to extend your skills far beyond all previous limits. Whether you are in the first stages of learning your craft or have mastered it completely with more limited tools, The Little Torch will open a new world of possibilities for you. 

Smith Equipment's Little Torch welds an unlimited range of materials, brazes and solders the tiniest elements with ease, yet produces enough heat to weld steel up to 1/8" thick or melt 3 oz. of silver. Features:
• Infinite Control Weighing only 1.5 ounces, The Little Torch(TM) is easily maneuvered in areas impossible to reach with conventional torches.
• Variety of Flame Settings and Sizes Produce a perfectly controlled, stable flame, hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass and ceramics with thread-thin flames up to 6000 F.
• Unmatched Flexibility Works with any commercially used fuel gas, and strong, flexible hoses connect to any standard pressure regulator.
• Exclusive Heating Tips Multi-orifice tips for heating or melting up to 3 oz. of metal.

The Little Torch feels right in your hand. It is just a fraction wider and longer than your middle finger. This superbly balanced torch with a rugged aluminum alloy body weighs only 1.5 ounces. The Little Torch features a thin, extremely lightweight hose which provides added maneuverability. In short, The Little Torch is designed to meet the most exacting industrial standards for a small, multi-purpose torch. The Little Torch has unmatched flexibility -- it can be used with several fuels including acetylene, hydrogen, propane, propylene, MAPP, or natural gas. It produces a perfectly controlled, completely stable flame hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass and even ceramics. It may also be used with special heating tips to melt up to 3 oz. of metal.

The Little Torch has a wide range of flame lengths and heat output for various metals and thicknesses. The operator can vary the flame length to his/her exact requirements by adjusting the oxygen and fuel gas valves on the torch body. The Little Torch has many engineered-in safety features. Color coded hoses and valves help prevent errors in setup and operation. Over 80 years of Smith experience in the manufacturing of welding equipment gives you assurance of quality and satisfaction. 23-1001D Includes 11-1101C torch, size #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 curved tips, 8' hoses and complete instruction manual. Encased in display box as shown ("B" hose connections fuel 9/16"-18-LH, Oxygen 9/16"-18-RH)
National 3A-B with 1/4" Barbed connections
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National 3B-B torch with "B" threaded hose connections
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Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.

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Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Todd b.
little torch
I don't know how i ever lived without this torch before. It simplifies and gives you smooth and perfect joints. Definitely a must have on your bench, will change the way you work!
Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Nicole E.
Gotta Have It!
Another MUST HAVE tool in any lampworker's inventory. Once you use one you won't go without.
Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Mad S.
This little torch helps with welds cracks, so many things applying heat to the small of the back of a pendant without distorting the entire shape, making lenses. so many uses, the extensions are also something to look at heat gets to your hand in a lot of situations. This one is great, replacing hoses is not the easiest but the pros out way the cons for me on this one.
Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Tyler C.
I should have got one sooner.
This little torch took my sculptures to the next level. The little torch can get inside the smallest areas and provide pin-point heat. A great addition to any serious glassblowers studio.
Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Joshuah J.
versatile and small
this torch can reach into places no other torch can due to its ease of movement. it almost feels like a torch on a string... i was using a national 3a for my hand torch applications and when i got a chance to use this i promptly bought one to use instead of the national.
Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Lisa D.
The Little Torch that Could
I LOVE this little guy. It is the perfect torch for stringer and rod construction, perfect for detail work and tiny welds. But it is also functional enough to do some small scale blown work, easily making quarter size bubbles for petals and small pendants. My favorite feature of this torch is how lightweight it is, not just the torch body, but the hoses as well are incredibly lightweight and unburdensome, even after a long days work! Incredibly gas and oxygen efficient! negative features of this torch are the short hose length and my torch was not actually magnetic, so I had to trade to a non-magnetic stand.
Smith Little Torch with 5 Tips and Hose
Tyler S.
weld saver
i didnt use a hand torch for years because i hadn't gotten into sectional pieces until recently.this little guy can be a life saver for getting devit off the surface of the glass, or cleaning up a weld. keep in mind though, that the hornet tip is pretty much a mandatory upgrade if you plan to get full use out of this thing. i had picked up a gentec version of this torch and it was better quality for sure. for me, this little guy is cheap and with the hornet tip is SUPER useful. if i upgrade from this hand torch it will be for a GTT handtorch ($$$). but no need for now, as i said, this thing will make your life easier during welding or for hard to get to spots. quality could certainly be better. hose length is lacking. the piece the tips screws onto came out the first time i used it. i used some teflon tape and never had a problem since.

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