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Five Section Frit Tray - Griffin Glass Tools

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This frit and powder trays keeps your colors separated with removable trays. The trays are an excellent size for small vessels, marbles, beads, and more. The removable tray design makes cleanup quicker, safer, and easier than ever before. The five section tray is 13” long, 4” wide, and 3.5” tall. Each individual tray is 2” deep, 4” long, and 2” wide.

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if you use frit this is for you

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i recenetly strarted using frit for alot more than ISO work and was having trouble figuring out an application that didnt leave my bench so cluttered. This is the ultimate space savera nd when im done with it, it fits right in one my drawers until the next time i need it.


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perfect for rolling glass into frit. ive used other home made things to use for frit but broke down and bought on of these off a friend. glad i did

Great for multi frit work

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Works great for have multiple grit sizes as well as different color combinations. Highly recommended.

Good frit tray

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I do a lot of frit work so having a tool like this is almost priceless (even though the price is rather high). You can keep your specific different blends of frit in each of just one color. The added punty holes make it easy to cover all of your art with the necessary amount of frit. The only downside like I side is the cost, a muffin pan works well also for holding frit and is cheaper but this is the real way to go!

Punty cutouts too small

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The cutouts are too small to fit my 9.5 mm blow tubes and so the tray is kinda useless. If I fill it with enough frit to pick up, the frit pours out the punty cutouts.