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6-in-1 Graphite Marble Mold

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6-in-1 Graphite Marble Mold has 6 holes with the top opening dimensions of 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1".

***There are 3 marble molds on each side. Please note the photo shows both sides of the single marble mold.***

Heat and work a blob of glass on the end of a glass rod into the marble mold hole. Many artists rotate the glass on the rim of the hole, not needing to go to the bottom of the hole. Marble molds also work for shaping beads on the mandrel by riding on the rim of the hole. 

When rounded as much as possible, punty on the rounded side, use a small attachment point, and remove the glass rod used as the original handle. Finish rounding by reheating and shaping. 

Repeat the above procedure until you are happy with the shape. Break off the last punty, keeping the marble in the marble mold. Then fire polish the glass nub left on the marble and put marble in an annealing kiln to cool down.

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This graphite paddle has lasted me about 1/2 a year and still continues to work. So far no chips have been detected, however I would have appreciated a metal handle, or at least the rubber material not so close to the paddle itself as when I warm the graphite up sometimes the rubber material heats up too and starts smoking. Picture needs to show one paddle and not two as I thought I was going to get two paddles with 3 molds each. Because of the handle I left off a star, however this is great for those of you that need a greater range of sized marbles as its only $5 more than they're other 3 mold paddle.

great but...

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Not what I expected. Picture clearly shows 2 grips and 2 marvers but there was one handle with a double sided marver. Not a problem with the graphite.... more with presentation. I thought I was getting two marble molds with 6 sizes each where it was one with 12 sizes.

Very Useful

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The only reason I din't give this a 5 star is I hate these kind of handles. The graphite itself is perfect. I think I have had the same one for 3 years now and it's used frequently with now chips.

marble mold

by -

Excellent marble mold for both boro and 104, high quality graphite wont chip. Edges and faces are smooth and tool doubles as the perfect size hand marver.

Great for beginners

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Im new to his trade and this mold is crazy helpful, it lets me practice different size mushrooms and marbles, and if im making a bead it has enough room to roll something out. The foam handle is kinda loose on mine but nothing major. I am eager to learn more and help others.

good mold


it’s a very nice marble mold very universal with the sizes

Works great!


This is the only marble mold I have used. It has been perfect so far. I want to get a bigger one for larger work.

Love the long handles


This is my third graphite marble mold and is my favorite due to the long handle. Make placing the marble in a hot kiln much easier and without burning your hand!