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Paparazzi - Glass Alchemy

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SKU: GA4595
$5.75 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.75
16 +$5.00
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$80.00 / Pound


Paparazzi is a next generation sparkle color from Glass Alchemy. A little bit of sparkle goes a long way, so try layering this color.

Working Tip: This color likes to be worked cool, but make sure you have your heat base built up while tooling or manipulating the glass to avoid developing a gray haze. As with all chrome colors, we suggest you work this color in a neutral flame. Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"With sparkle flakes this big there are a lot of possibilities for the finish with GA Paparazzi.

What I am referring to is the fact that if you stripe, coil, mash, layer and twist or swirl this color you can actually see the effect in the look of the sparkle. An example would be compressing the rod while spinning one direction without encasement into a marble and the tight satin like pattern that is formed. Another possible finish effect with GA Paparazzi is when the rod is applied and worked flat. Without much manipulation, you will see much larger flakes of sparkle. Think of each sparkle flake as a small flat chip that can either be stacked on top of one another or laid side by side, each manipulation changes the “look” or finish.

This color is great for every appli(more...)

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by -

I really really love this new color. There is a 1000 words I could say, but just look at the picture and you'll want to buy your own pound.

Unreal sparkle

by -

I have used a number of different GA sparkle colors and this is my favorite so far. The sparkle is so bright compared to the older sparkle colors. Works great to layer over other colors and doesn't change the color much in thin layers. Makes the piece pop in the light.


by -

I had to write a review after seeing that someone put 1 flame to it. The review was positive so maybe they just did not click the right thing... Anyway, this is the strongest Sparkle color I have used for layering, allot of times with the tints I have to use two or three coats to get the sparkle as thick as the one of this color. Nice color, one of the two sparkle colors I use.

Fantastic staple of GA

by -

This is one of GA's best colors due to its ability to be encased (within reason) even though it is very saturated with sparkles. This color looks great over/under/mixed with almost any color and looks fantastic over mint. Try putting this over other colors and when pulled into stringers it still retains a nice amount of sparkle.

heavy sparkle and dense

by -

once again GA takes sparkles to a whole new level while allowing the colors to be worked on surface and or inside out. this color is a must have in any lamp worker's color pallet. dense sparkles that jump to life in the light with ease and its also compatible with lots of other colors. putting this color over half blood produces a gold sparkle while remaining stable. experiment with other color combos! try applying over black to create a black sparkle!


by -

Everybody raves about it for a reason -- Paparazzi is easy to work with, and gives fabulous results! I love using it as a backing for implosion pendants, either applied thick on its own, or as a thin layer between the implosion and a more saturated color to give a layer of sparkle that's somehow eye-catching and subtle at the same time. (My favorite color to layer behind Paparazzi is TAG's Yellow Elvis, but I don't think I've tried a combo that I didn't like.)