Bail Biter

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These plyers are designed like the Peters Tweezers and work very much the same way but give you more control and power when making loops and holes for pendants, vessels and buttons.

For symmetrically locating the eyes on a fish bead: heat up the area where both eyes will be located, place the points of the plyers around the head of the fish and gently squeeze them into the glass. The plyers will leave small dents which will indicate where you should place the eyes. This method also works great for locating opposite sides of any bead or marble up to 1ΒΌ" across.

To make loops and holes: place a small amount of glass shaped like a tall bump at the desired location. Heat up just the bump to just shy of it melting down. Quickly place the points of the plyers to the center of the heated bump and squeeze together. As soon as the tips touch, move the handle back and forth a couple of times in a motion that makes the points rotate in the center of the hole. This motion breaks apart the fine web that would otherwise bridge across the middle of the hole. Remove the plyers and reheat the glass area making up the hole, being careful not to melt the hole closed. Again place the plyers in the hole and stretch out the hole to the desired size and shape.

To make a large loop, simply start with a larger bump of glass. You may also need to reheat more than one time. For a wider loop, start with a bump that is slightly oval shaped at its base. Now nickel-plated to prevent rust!

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Production Pendants

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These are what i use for my production pendants or for a majority of my pendants that i dont pull a bail on. Super easy to use; get a gather of glass, pinch with these where you want the hole. Heather the gather again, pinch and wiggle and it should break through. I adjust to my liking from there with a tungsten pick and round out with a graphite reamer.

works so great

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these little bad boys help save so much time with poking a bale. and time is money!

nice holes

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Bail Biter does work! Best thing for making perfect pendant loops. It took me a couple tries to get the core temp on the glass ready for the hole, but once figured out..I would never, not use these again. Dont hesitate, you NEED these around!

Does the job!

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These certainly do save time on making a hole in jewelry, the only downsides are I feel the tips could be sharper like the peter's tweezers and the handle doesn't spring back therefore you have to open them before you're able to close and make a hole. Also it can leave some debris on your glass

Loops made easy!

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Great for making perfect pendant loops. Easy to do also. Love this tool! A Must have for pendant/bead makers!


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seriously. these things come in sooo much handy! hell, i'll say all of the handy!!


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Love love love! Easy to use and very inexpensive. Only thing I use to make bails.

Love these

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I don't know what I would do without these. By far the easiest way to make a bail. I use them constantly. I love them so much I bought an extra pair to have just in case.

Good tool!

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Makes bails much easier, especially when I first started using this tool.


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These are awesome save me so much time and are very sturdy 10/10 would buy again

I love the Bail Biter.

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This tool is great! Saves me so much time and makes a perfect bail every time.