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This roller stands 5" tall, is 7 1/8" wide, and is 5 1/2" deep. It weighs 3lbs 3oz. The roller is made from a single piece of steel that is powder coated twice. This mid-sized roller is very tough, rigid, and outfitted with all stainless steel hardware.

The outer set of bearings are spaced to cradle your handles that are larger than 9mm, making the roller easy to use without having handles jump around. The inner set of bearing can roll rods as small as 2mm, allowing you to center all your prep on even the smallest handles or use bead mandrels.

Unlike on the small roller, on this roller you can relocate the outer wheels to a wider position. Doing so will make tooling large tubing much easier. With no gaps of coverage, the roller can roll all tubing sizes in either configuration.

The maximum size you can roll on this is a matter of opinion. We’ve found straightening handles on tubing as large as 85mm with this roller is doable, but that's probably the limit. 75mm tubing is relatively easy to roll with this.

The open hand-space between wheels allows for the use of many different hand techniques and makes the re-grabbing of handles easy. The gap your hand goes into is 5-3/4" wide, allowing even large handed people to use the roller comfortably.

The bearings are made from 420 stainless steel. They spin nice and smooth with very little resistance. The bearings are size 608 bearings—the exact same bearings used in common skateboards and rollerblades. The bearings use rubber side shields to keep dust out of the bearings. The rubber side shields are removable, making it possible to add oil lube for maintenance (this shouldn't need to be done but once every five years or so).

The visual appearance of the bearings’ rubber side shields does vary. Sometimes they have black lettering and sometimes the letters are white. This roller is powder coated once with a chameleon rainbow color and then again with a thick layer of hard/durable clear coat. The rainbow chameleon color changes between brilliant colors when viewed under intense lighting but will look gray-black when viewed in gentle light or a shadow.

The powder coating can withstand 350 °F, making it able to hangout on the bench during super-hot melts, but it does have its limits. Placing any hot glass directly on the powder coating will scar the surface of the coating.

The feet are threaded and can be extended to level the roller on uneven surfaces. Tightening the thumb nuts makes the roller sturdy/wobble free with the feet extended. The feet can also be used to raise the height of the roller by about 3/4". (We also have extra-long feet available, sold separately, that can boost this roller’s height by up to 2”.)

Please be aware that small visual imperfections in our coatings are not uncommon. A few light scratches, a little scuff mark, a couple raised specs, or other visual imperfections may be present in the clear coat of your roller. These imperfections are typically hard to detect and never affect performance.

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