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Griffin Glass Bench Rollers have a new design that is now even taller. Rollers lock in place from 8” to 14” from your table height. Features include polished brass wheels, high quality bearings, and a sturdy, stable powder-coated trapezoidal base. These are the tallest bench rollers on the market. The design of the Griffin Glass Tools Rollers will increase the comfort of your working environment, stamina, shaping ability, tube preparation time, and production time.

- Wide base offers great stability.
- Wheels are adjustable to accommodate tube and rod sizes from 4 mil. to 3½”.
- Top quality bearings and precision machined brass wheels allow for smooth operation.
- Durable powder coat finish offers a clean and professional look.
- Wide set screws allow stability with strong height adjustment.
- Square design allows alignment on a parallel axis.

Usage Benefits:
- Can be used in tandem for working with large tubing.
- Relieves weight while reducing fatigue to hands and wrist.
- When preparing larger tubing tandem rollers reduce preparation time.
- Allows for reserve of strength increasing actual work time.

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very handy !


Very handy ! prior to ordering two of these I was pretty ignorant on the advantage of having these bad boys. I use them like a one armed lathe for my right hand. im missing multiple fingers on my right hand and these allow me to make better connections, and spin 100 % evenly . also I use these when im laying dots for dot work. I place the roller right under my torch flame, and then adjust the roller height , so that I can rest the handle of my work against the roller, to give me more stability while adding dots (im very carerful not to let the rollers touch the flame or get close enough to soak heat)

My favorite roller


My favorite set of rollers they role smooth and quiet I have a steel pair of roller that are rusting slightly. My griffin rollers the brass is perfect and the bearings are still in place and they are not waering down at all. The small heavy base works so well to anchor the griffin rollers down and use less space.

(Y) ? Shouldn’t you have them !


The Griffin y rollers are extremely durable and easy to use. Between the use of high end bearings and the weight of the brass wheels you’re able to get a very even rotation of your glass but with still the precise touch that’s needed to elevate the quality of your glass. I highly recommend these rollers even over the Laffy taffy rollers that Griffin also makes. For one simple fact that you’re able to actually set these apart and use them individually as well as together if you were to purchase two. They are a solid investment and definitely will help to keep your art elevating two its next levels.