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Bethlehem's low-pressure, stainless steel Bravo lampworking torch was designed specifically with the needs of the artistic flameworker in mind. A dual-purpose torch, it will work easily with both soft and borosilicate glass. Bethlehem’s Bravo is one of the hottest new torches on the market today!

Burner configuration: Center Fire: 6 – gas jets (Alpha Design)
Outer Fire: 12 – gas jets, 36 – oxygen ports
Face Dia.: 1″
Full flame consumption: 
- Propane Gas: 2 – 5 psi; 6 LPM (360 LPH, 12.71 cu ft/h)
- Tanked Oxy: 8 – 20 psi; 30 LPM (1,800 LPH, 63.57 cu ft/h); 575 BTU’s Per Minute
Works: 30mm Boro Rod; 42mm Heavy Walled Tube
Dimensions: Base 7″ x 7″
Height: 6.5″
Barrel Length: 6″
Net Weight: 5 lbs.

Made with the precision and quality of all Bethlehem Burners, the Bravo’s output is surface-mixed and whisper-soft. By varying the atmosphere of your flame, you can use your torch like a fiery paintbrush for shading and highlights. The razor-sharp center is excellent for creating small details. For marbles, sculpting, and vessels, this sleek new torch is both cost-effective and fuel-efficient.

The Bravo Glass Working Torch Features:
- An improved design replacing our popular Barracuda Burner
- All stainless steel construction that stays cool while the flame is super hot
- A unique design that allows for a higher volume of fuel at a lower inlet pressure- 15 cu. ft./hr. at only 2 psi.
- Can also operate on household gas (1/4 psi) and oxygen concentrators (7 psi)

Bethlehem Burners Bravo Torch - YouTube video

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21 reviews

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Easy on oxygen

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This is the first torch I've ever bought, so I don't have any comparisons but it's been great for me. Mostly I use the center fire right now. The center fire will melt a 24 mm heavy wall tube just fine. The only time I open up to the outer fire is when pulling points. I bought this torch because I figured its one I could grow into, so far I'm having lots of fun with it!


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I haven't hooked this bad boy up yet. I still need to get my studio space set up. I fell in love immediately with my new setup. I also purchased a GTT Lynx to go alongside my Bravo. Its going to be a great summer!


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So grateful to have this torch! I love the range of flame, the sleek design, and the low oxy psi. I run mostly off the minor and a oxy concentrator and love how it feels like I can just work forever on this thing! Great Buy!!

Reliable, fuel and oxygen efficient, easy to use


I have 3 years with this torch. I have been running my torch with 2 10LPM concentrators with a supplementary holding tank.
<br>Recommended 30LPM of oxy but despite those inconveniences i can still melt glass. With 20LPM of oxy i can make up to 1.5 inch marbles with ease. This torch doesn't have the deep penetrating heat as other torches offer, but the softer flame allows me to slow down when when needed and to fully melt solid and hollow work as well. The learning curve to this torch is very quick, and you'll be up and running with ease. Flame chemistry is easy to manage. The efficiency of this torch is unbeatable. It uses far less propane and oxygen than other torches which was why i went with this one. From small production glass to the hobbyist or pure glass art, this torch is excellent. I love this torch because it is straight forward, reliable, fuel and oxygen efficient, sharp flame, easy to use and it just plain works.

One of the Best!


This is a great torch for all levels of flameworking!
<br>The twist knobs for adjusting the torch are strong and easy to use!

So nice to Color


Love this torch, use it everyday. No other torches can compete with it's sensitivity to color and overall versatility. Use this torch to make everything from marbles to larger blown work.

Bravo torches are great


The Bethlehem bravo is a great artistic torch that can be pushed to crank out prodo. The bravo flame is soft and forgiving for colors that are sometimes hard to work properly. Sculpting and carving are easily achieved with how tight the inner flame can be with the use of the outer oxygen.

Great bang for your buck


Great torch for beginner to intermediate skill level, the center fire is great for doing small stuff when you’re just beginning to dip your feet and once you know a bit there’s plenty you can do with the outer fire. These torches are really good when it comes to gas consumption which is important when you’re first starting out and not really making anything worth selling to recoup costs of glass and utilities.

A kind and considerate torch


I have used my Bravo for the past eight years, and have loved it every minute of our time together. This torch is my hands down first recommendation for all beginners. As it has the ability to be extremely user friendly, while also growing with you as an artist. The Bravo does not force heat into glass, but instead gradually introduces it allowing color rods and tubing to acclimate to a workable state, but not an excessive pliability. My torch has never given me one problem as I brush the face plate, and tap the neck once a week to clear out any carbon build up. I have paired my Beth with a Smith hand torch, and I am much happier with the versatility than when I worked on a GTT Delta Elite. This torch is sturdy, reliable, kind, and considerate to your work. If you take the time to learn the flame style you will always have the ability to create your desired project.

Love this torch


Really nice versatile torch