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5/8" Premium Graphite Push w/ Small Tip - Blast Shield

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High quality push with aluminum handle, approximately a 5mm stainless steel tip, and 7 inch total length. Made in USA

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Great Pusher

by -

I think the 5/8th Pusher is great for push the perfect bowl, it's very handy to have the tip at the end so you don't over push your bowl

A must have!

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Everything about this tool is amazing. The price is well worth it. Great hand feel, and great quality. Started with an economy push, and from the first use of this tool i wish i would have gotten this one from the start. Blast shield is the way to go!

Well made

by -

Love the handles on these... Feel solid in the hand and the longer handle is nice for heftier pieces that throw more heat. My brass pushes have a short stubby handle and gets hot quick. No roasting the hands. The tip is very useful for straightening after the initial push. Have both the 5/8" and 3/4" with the small tip. Would like a 7/8" size but I don't believe blast shield makes them.

Love it

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My favorite bowl push out of three different ones I have. The handle has a much nicer weight distribution in your hand that just screams quality. I like to use a lil wax available on here and it helps protect my push while warming to avoid chill marks upon pushing. The tip really does help with alignment as well as helping to size and instantly cool the holes rim a bit to "lock" in the hole size so it doesn't risk a stretch. Also helps slightly adjust down stem angle slightly. What can we say, its a blastshield tool.

Ahhhhh push it.... push it real good!!!


Great tool for a great price!! I use it all the time and it makes a perfect bowl size IMO