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Blast Shield Joint Finishing Tool - Includes 3 Joint Sizes

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Create your own female glass joints! Instructions included with this tool that has interchangeable heads to make either 10mm, 14mm, or 19mm female joints.

Blast Shield finishing tool instructions:
Begin with Tubing slightly larger than the center form. For example, for the 14mm Joint, start by using 22mm x 4mm tubing.
Using a marver or paddle , make sure the end is flat and that the tube has a slight gather of the glass to form the rim of the finished joint. Heat the end of the tube uniformly to a length that is equal to the length of the center form. Heat to just below sagging. Remove from heat and dwell until the glass begins to approach a “plastic state”.
Let the outside forming blades slowly close the glass onto the center. Best results come from small moves. Avoid the temptation to squeeze to soon while the glass is to soft. A small amount of spring back helps a lot.
Use the tool 2 to 3 times, getting closer to the center after each reheat. After joint is formed, and glass has cooled to be free of motion. Gently reheat one last time , focusing the heat base on the inner wall of the joint. Then let cool in the air for a moment.
Use a joint tool for final fit. Hint – the tool is adjustable, for example: do 14/23 with the lip , move the center up just beyond the lip, to do 14/18 without the lip.

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extras needed

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Do everything g hey say in discription you will get a female join holder, but you NEED another male joint to finalize the shape. OR a joint finishing tool/plug offered by Griffin Tools, the Blast Shield joint holders are not appropriate for a final shape because the base to the graphite tapper will widen the opening to your female joint. Causing the slide to "fall" into the female joint.