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Rollers / Yoke 1" w/ Adjustable Stand - Blast Shield

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Blast Shield Rollers / Yoke 1 inch with adjustable stand. Tallest approximate height is 12.5 inches, shortest approximate height is 9/5 inches.

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10 reviews

Solid construction, but id like to try a different style roller

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I have been lampworking for around 3 months now (teaching myself), I bought these rollers with my first torch and first order of glass. These have a very sturdy base, heavy enough to stand by itself without worrying about accidental tipping. It has a long rod attached underneath the rollers which goes into the base, allowing a large range of heights , there is a wing nut for quick adjustment of height. These rollers seem to have nice bearings in them, however they do reduce your momentum considerably. I have read all ball bearing rollers do this, I would like to try the wheeled type. I only like to use it to round off the ends on long tubes, it does help alot with heavy glass, if i get into bigger peices I may appreciate it more.

Heavy Duty

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This thing is massive and heavy duty. Very well crafted. I work on a RedMax Torch and ended up having to use a hacksaw to saw off about 1.5" off the bottom. That was super easy to do and now I LOVE this thing! Really helps with support if making big pieces, such a weight off my wrist and shoulder. Keeps your spin very even. Excellent tool made from high quality parts.

Really nice set

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These rollers do what they should. You need to be aware though, if in between the "yoke" style and the "roller" style that both serve their purpose. These ones are better for rolling a piece in the flame at an angle. You can do a vac stack with them, but you will notice the tube wants to walk in one direction or another. These are best for using as a single roller for a heavy piece. My opinion of course.


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This roller I think this roller is one of the best, it has smooth gilding balls that basically let you move your piece that your working on in any direction that you need and has a very nice adjustable bar for more hight.


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I love these rollers, and they are so smooth. Blast shield always seems to make a quality product. Even warrantied for up to a year by blast shield if I remember correctly. Great price considering others out there that are a lot more.

Best bench rollers I've used

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This pair of bench rollers makes SO many things easier, not to mention the wrist support it can provide when working a large piece. The wheels are so smooth they'll spin for days which really helps to flare out a lip of a jar/vase/base,etc. I thought the price was a bit high but when you use a tool like this it's invaluable especially if it saves you wrist cramps and hand damage!

Great rollers!

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I've got a pair of these and they work great for vac-stacks, as well as prepping or evenly pulling apart large size tubing. The action is really nice. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is you have to be careful not to overheat the bearings. If you get them close to the flames/heat the bearings can scuzz up and not roll as smoothly.

Well Made and fully adjustable

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Blast Shield makes a quality product and these yoke rollers are hold true to that statement. These rollers are great for marble makers, as you can rotate any way you need. Unlike bench rollers which are more suited for tube pulls. If you need a single set of adjustable rollers, look no further.

Boiled Bearing Races


Got this exact yolk from a supplier local to SoCal. First use the plastic race boiled inside the bearing from radiant heat preventing it from rolling. Definitely something to consider for large projects. Everything else about it was sturdy and held up fine thus 3 stars.

this is a nice roller for multiple applications


Picked this up at a glass show at the Mountain Glass booth. It has been a great asset for larger tube, but I think I should have gotten two for breaking down full length extra heavy wall tube. I'm looking forward to trying the griffin smaller roller next.