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Yellow/Green Glow - Origin Glass

4 Reviews
$9.33 / Ounce
1 – 15$9.33
16 +$8.12
$129.92 per pound


Yellow/Green Glow works like butter and comes out a beautiful white, that just so happens to glow like the sun. Express the accents never seen before in your art with the new Glow Stix!

Borobars are made by dry pressing glass powder into a bar shape and then melting it into a solid form.

Borobars Glass Specifications:
- COE: 33
- Softening Point: 820 C / 1508 F
- Annealing Point: 560 C / 1040 F
- Approximate Bar size: 3.5″ L x 0.25″ W x 0.25″ H

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4 reviews

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good and cheap

by -

these are pretty cool, i always encase mine before working them. use them as stringers or a few sides of a cane they dont glow super bright like the picture unless its under a blacklight. i wish they would make their glass rods round like all the other companies. they could be more easily used for stick stacks and the like.

so much fun to work with

by -

Another really fun rod to work with. I have used these and the aqua glow and they both are second to none! They both can really take the heat. Bottom line these are awesome if you ask me. I will certainly be buying more once I run out of my current stock.


by -

Origin has reengineered the green glow to be alot more tolerant to heat. Now the green can take more heat than aqua.

Awsome color

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These glow super bright as long as you don't get them too hot. I like to encase before pulling stringers. The aqua Glow has a higher tolerance to heat than the yellow-green. so I use aqua for tube pulls and inside-out work and I use the yellow-green on surface work. The less you have to heat this opaque color the more it will glow. And yes a blacklight makes the glow super bright but I promise nothing charges as good as full bright sunlight. Walk outside then back in and it will glow in ambient lighting.