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Bullseye - Cranberry Sapphirine Transparent - Striker

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SKU: BE1342-F
$5.51 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.51
16 +$4.79
$76.64 per pound


Approximate Diameter: 4-6mm

Approximate Length: 14"-16"

COE: 90 Compatible

Cold Characteristics

Pale blue to lavender with a hazy sheen.

Working Notes

Torch: This style may not reveal (or strike to) its target color until fired. Cranberry Sapphirine Transparent develops a range of streaky pinks in the flame. Work in a cooler, oxidizing atmosphere. May develop a light brown color on the surface of the glass if worked in the presence of too much propane (or fuel).

Kiln: Rod-only glass style. A linear, streaked design may develop upon firing and may be visible whether fired lengthwise or on end. Color usually deepens on firing. Possible dark interface reaction with selenium and/or sulfur glasses. Less viscous (softer) than most other glasses. Some gold-bearing striking glasses, like this one, should be fired with a 2 hour hold at 1225°F during the initial stages of the firing cycle. If fired without this hold, they may not strike at all, or they may strike but appear spotty and have a blue-brown cast, as opposed to the desired target color. This full-fuse schedule effectively strikes these glasses:

The initial rate of heat is not a critical factor in successfully striking gold-bearing glasses. Choose an initial rate of heat appropriate to the scale and design of the pr(more...)

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