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Bullseye - Turquoise Blue Opalescent

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SKU: BE0116-F
$2.37 / Ounce
1 – 15$2.37
16 +$2.06
$32.96 per pound


Approximate Diameter: 4-6mm

Approximate Length: 14"-16"

COE: 90 Compatible

Cold Characteristics

Slightly translucent opalescent turquoise.

Working Notes

Torch: In general, Turquoise Blue Opalescent becomes more opaque once it is flameworked, although it is translucent in smaller amounts.

Kiln: A copper glass. May have dark color reaction at interface with cadmium/selenium or sulfur glasses.

During processes that require greater heatwork, such as pattern or flow bar techniques, Turquoise Blue Opalescent has the potential to deposit trace amounts of copper on the surface of the kilnshelf. These deposits may react with sulfur-bearing glasses in subsequent firings. Such deposits may not be visible and can react even when the shelf has been properly scraped and reprimed. This type of contamination is impermanent and may be burned out/fired out over the course of subsequent firings. A contaminated shelf can be fired with glasses—other than sulfur-bearing glasses—and no reaction will take place. For a burnout firing, we recommend a rate of 300°F/hr to 1525°F, with a hold of 1:00 hour.

Rods are pulled from re-melted Bullseye Compatible sheet glass. Rod is sold in lengths of approximately 18in. (450 mm) and 4-6mm in diameter. Bullseye rods are graded either as F (recommen(more...)

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