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Aqua Glow Pigment Powder - 28 grams - 1 oz.

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Combine glow pigment with Dichroic Glass and bring another dimension to your next art glass project!

This glow-in-the-dark Aqua will be a bright, luminescent addition to any art glass. This is a 100% glow pigment and has not been diluted with any glass powders or fillers, making this the go-to glow pigment for every artist, and works with ANY COE, and can be used in glass blowing, fusing, casting and borosilicate.

To activate the glow, you need only expose the glow pigment to a light source for at least one minute for short term glow. For an extended glow time, expose the pigment to sunlight. Please note, glow times and brightness vary depending on many factors.

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GREAT Glow but tricky.


This is a super reactive, easy to glow, powder. It’s a little tricky to use in flame because it will burn away while trying to encase it but also resists encasing. But if you can get it encased, it’s very well behaved and adds incredible glow.
<br>The best way I’ve found to get it encased is to roll a small gather into a pile of the powder. Then get another molten gather and first touch that on the base rod, just below the powdered area as an anchor, and wrap it around the powdered section. Keep circling up and around the gather, always touching the previous ring to act as the anchor. If you just touch hot glass to the powder it just pulls away from the base glass. Fill any gaps. When encased, then heat and smooth all the rings. I usually then pull a thick stringer or cane to use in my work. This works for both Boro and Soft.
<br>This powder also works well with Epoxy Resin! Makes a whole piece literally glow a bright ethereal blue.