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Splinter Rainbow on Borosilicate - 1/8" Thick - CBS

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$11.00 / Ounce
1 – 9$11.00
10 – 19$6.51
20 – 39$5.99
40 +$5.20
1/4 Sheet = 10 ozs = $65.10
1/2 Sheet = 20 ozs = $119.80
Full Sheet = 40 ozs = $208.00


Splinter Rainbow on Borosilicate - 1/8" Thick

Our new sheet breaks up in “needles” when stretched. When heat is applied, the coating “Splinters” in one particular direction. It creates a grain to the surface that when pulled, stretched, or twisted creates large splinters of color. In Rainbow only.

From CBS on working Boro Dichro:
Boro Dichroic tends to work better if pre-heated. This densifies the coating and makes it more durable in the flame. This can be done in a kiln by firing the boro to 1600° F with -0- hold. Lampworkers attempt to perform this pre-firing in the flame as well. This is when it is important to keep the coated side "away" from the flame. But when kiln-firing there is no need to fire face down.

We fire all of our Boro Dichroic "face Up" in the kiln so that the coated surface does not get the slight impression of the kiln shelf onto the glass. But, if the artists wants to keep the uncoated side smooth and clear, then the Dichroic side can be faced down in the kiln and then fired.

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Incredibly Impressed!

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After becoming frustrated while working with dichroic noodles a friend gave me to try. I found the dichro I was using lost its color, or burner out incredibly easy even when encased. I purchased some cbs rainbow splinter and was at first perplexed at how uniform the strips were, after a quick call to mountain glass to figure out which side was the correct side to work I used a half inch piece to make a 1 inch galaxy marmarble. I had results that were a million times beyond my expectations. This dichro not gave m beautiful blues,green,red,,and yellow splinters. It also proved to be very durable and was able to handle a lot of heat without losing the nice effect. Would deffinelty recommend to anybody looking for a very fun dichroic glass to work with, that also ha a a multitude of applications!