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Calypso Rod - Molten Aura Labs

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$5.75 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.75
16 +$5.00
$80.00 per pound


Calypso is an entertaining, powder blue color that can produce a variety of effects such as whites, translucent reds, and blues. We have found that thicker worked areas tend to exhibit more of the whites. The white can also be brought back if you flame strike in a neutral flame. The reds show up when marvering or using other sculpting tools to cool the surface rapidly.

This one takes some experimenting, but can produce a fantastic array of colors. Play with thick and thin areas and flame striking the glass to figure out how and when the colors appear. The annealing cycle will not strike the color.
Always begin working calypso in a reducing flame, after a core heat has been achieved, a more aggressive neutral flame can be used. Heating too aggressively with too much oxygen present will cause a film to develop on the surface at the edge of the puddle. For some seals one will need to use an aggressive flame.

To avoid buildup, while using an aggressive flame, switch back to a reducing flame and flash the area near the edge of the puddle keeping it hot but still cool enough to maintain structure. If any film does develop, a coating of soot followed by a slow heating until completely molten can totally reverse any surface issues.

If calypso is heated hot enough it will become completely translucent, a flame strike can bring the opacity back if desired.

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