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Wildcat Burner - Carlisle

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Sporting an extraordinarily powerful flame, the durable WildCat is the most recent bench burner to be released from Carlisle’s new line of torches.The WildCat has a sturdy brass casing and 19 fuel ports made of stainless steel tubing. With an incredibly efficient combustion, this new burner produces a very hot flame using very little gas and oxygen. Our test group stated that the WildCat provides about 2/3 the heat of a CC burner, while using less than a third of the amount of oxygen.”, said Chris Camac of Carlisle.

Debbie Crowley, artist and instructor of The Glass Hive stated, “This burner rocks. It is amazing what I could make on just one 2500 lb. tank of oxygen.” One of the innovative new features of this exciting burner is the “Vortex” cooling system built into the brass casing. With 12 ports cut into the front of the casing, this highly effective cooling system uses oxygen from the burner to pull air through the casing, causing the burner to release much of the heat that builds in the casing. As the operator pushes the flame to higher levels, the cooling feature also amplifies its effectiveness as the oxygen flow increases. The WildCat works equally well with either propane or natural gas with oxygen, and can be used with both borosilicate and soft glass.

Much like the popular Mini CC, the WildCat features a ball joint for articulation of the burner head and remotely placed metering valves that allow for a wide range of control. The “Crowley Marver”, a highly adjustable graphite mounted-marver made popular with the Mini CC, is also compatible with the new WildCat.

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Decent torch.

by -

This was my first torch. I found it did better at solid work over hollow work. This thing is but like a tank and you'll probably never be able to damage it but it loves to eat the o2. I switched from this to a redmax and found my tanks later a but lon get on the redmax which had a flame size of almost double this. If you want to get into beads, pendants, and marbles this might be a good option.

1 Hot torch

by -

Great for solid Boro but had some problem with small detailed work. Super hot flame and loves to eat the O2