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Dante Diamond Shear - Standard Handle - Cutting Edge

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Glass artist extraordinaire Dante Marioni had a favorite pair of shears so cracked, corroded and welded-over we called them "Frankenshears." When they finally gave out, he called Jeff and together they worked up a design that met Dante’s needs.

These are those shears—like Dante’s old favorites, but with improvements. Quick to open, and high capacity; they’re light in weight with a shear geometry that’s especially good for small hands.

These are by far our most popular shears, great for everyone from beginning students to seasoned pros like Dante.

Cutting Edge Tools - A Cut above The Rest

Our shears look different because they are different.
It’s all in the details and Jeff Lindsay is serious about the details.

Our Special Blades Are Cut With Water
It took a lot of research and experimentation. This is how Jeff chose D2 steel as the material for his shear blades. D2 steel is rust-resistant, wear-resistant and hard to the thinnest edge. D2 is so hard that our blades are cut with a computer numerical control (CNC) water jet machine.

On The Edge
After we have beveled our blades on a mill, we heat treat them to their final hardness. Lastly, we hand grind a double-bevel along the cutting edge. This hand work takes time and requires real skill, but it produces a superbly sharp edge.

Oh, Those Beautiful Welds!
We fix handles to blades with a generous bead of silicon bronze. Lovely to look at and practical, our handles simply do not break! Oh, and note the no-snag, stainless button head cap screw and the ever-tight nut.

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great tool!

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i bought a pair of these after my economy shears were not working well enough for my needs. i was very impressed with the durability of the tool and overall quality and strength. the blades on these stay very sharp and the handles do not bend even when using extreme force on large gathers. overall great tool!

Spicy skizzers


These are life. Absolutely amazing