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Cutting Edge Stainless Steel Bijou Blow Pipe

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Cutting Edge Stainless Steel Bijou Blow Pipe

This glassblowing stainless steel blow pipe measures a total of 18", with a 14" shaft and a 4" head. The shaft is 3/8" in diameter and the head measures 3/4" wide at it's thickest. It's lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for flameworking.

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A great tool for the right job, but could be improved


I do many blowouts just about everyday as my main work. I bought this blowpipe after being tired of prepping clear with a stiff color on the end as a blowpipe. If your path is to make large blowouts this is a great tool! It has the thickest head compared to any other brand, it creates a larger connection to support large gathers with. The head has worn down after my 9 months of heavy use to about the size of 16mm, same as some of the smaller blowpipes out there.<br><br>It isn't "light" in your hand, you feel the weight, but that comes with the territory. It isn't balanced as you can see in the picture. The metal along the mouthpiece is a little rough on the lips. The head is welded on, and mine happens to not be 100% centered. Some of the new ones look centered though. If a thick head isn't a big deal to you, there are lighter, smaller, balanced metal blowpipes out there for a much lower price. But for me the thickness is the reason for this product so I plan to stick with this brand.