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Dichroic Alchemy - Golden Marine Tubing

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Sold by the piece. Each piece weighs approximately 14 to 15 ozs.

Each tube is encased in clear Schott glass. The dichroic coating creates a Rainbow effect around the entire tube. Each segment is an average of 15 inches long and averages approximately 14 to 15 oz per segment. The current stock is 29mm x 7mm. Each segment is lathe encased but not stretched. Once encased properly, the risks of burnout and bubbles are minimized.

PLEASE NOTE: This item may be difficult to work for a novice flameworker and is a very expensive loss if not worked with caution.

5 Tips for Successful use of Dichroic Tubing
1. Always warm the tubing in the kiln at 1050?F for at least 20 min before use. The dark cobalt can get a rose color strike if it sits above 1050 for too long. But this does not affect the stability of the glass.

2. When entering the tube into the flame use a large high oxygen bushy flame. This is a thick piece of glass so don’t short yourself on heat. A small pointy flame will not be able to heat it up enough and will cause it to crack when entering into the flame.

3. For brightest dichroic color use a high oxygen bushy flame. The goal here is to avoid the bright white heat state. To test the flame, you can put the end of a 6 mm rod in the flame and it will gather and get bright orange but will not get bright white and drip off the handle. You want to stay in the red to bright orange level. Think core heat vs. surface heat.

4. Be careful not to blow the material out too thin. It is very difficult to get it to condense back down once blown out. The encasement is very thick so when you either stretch the tube down or blow the tube out, the outer clear layer does most of the expanding leaving the dichroic layer very dense and un-stretched.

5. To achieve bright clean terminations use a carbon paddle in the flame to push the point in rather than melting it in. Heat the thicker base of the termination as you press in, rather than the tip.

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Love This!

by -

Awesome, I want more!

All the prep done for you

by -

I love using all of these tubes, i wigwag them, but have been at it since 08. This is not a noob tube, but more instant heady if you?re patient; know what your doing, and anneal anneal anneal. I can never stress enough the importance of annealing. With that said, this dichro can handle some abuse without burnout. It was better with the darker backing it had in the past, I personally the lighter backing takes away from the tubes asthetic value.