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Diet Mountain Doo Rod - ZFG Labs

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$4.25 / Ounce
$100.00 per pound
$68.00 per pound
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ZFG Labs created a Diet version of everyone's favorite, Mountain Doo - with a dash of orange. Hand-pulled in Asheville, NC, this rod brings to mind a verdant, sunny summer day, at sunset with a dash of transparency - WYSIWYG. Work it in an oxidizing flame and remember to go "slow and low". Start by bringing it from the back of the flame. Once it's molten, keep the oxygen high and use it in any application from deep encasement to coil-pot.

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Full of Air and Turns Brown


Super seedy glass. I used it in an inside out pipe, it turned an Amber brown color and showed visible air bubbles anywhere the color touched. I wasn’t happy with this since it’s supposed to be a wysiwyg and didn’t get the green yellow it’s supppsed to be.