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Wheeled Glass Nippers - Mosaic Cutter

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SKU: C070


Wheeled glass nippers (Mosaic Cutters) with two round cutting wheels. They are perfect for quickly cutting rod, small tubing, stained glass, and cutting small slices of millefiori. 

The tungsten carbide stay sharp for long periods of cutting. When the edge of the tungsten carbide wears out, you can easily loosen the allen bolt, turn the wheels slightly, tighten the bolt, and you're ready to go again!

The tungsten carbide is painted black with soft red rubber grips for handles.

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews


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For "Economy" they do just fine.


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Not the best quality but gets the job done.

Cost effective and functional!

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They definitely get the job done, makes a big difference going from having none to being able to nip apart everything!

Perfect for cane

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I got these unsure of what I would use them for but convinced I needed them. Turns out they are some of my most useful tools. When pulling cane in the hot shop they are perfect for breaking up the pieces without smashing them with the end of the pinchettis.

Nipper slippler

by -

These are pretty good putting them to work with very little damage on the wheels