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Exp. #96 Karma - 2NDS - Northstar

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SKU: RES252s
$3.59 / Ounce
1 – 15$3.59
16 +$3.12
$50.00 per pound


Northstar and Gaffer Glass began working with gold ruby colors in 2014 with a vision to revolutionize the manufacturing and quality of glass in our industry.

The formula for this flame striking fuchsia ruby glass, Exp. #96 Karma, is the product of those initial experiments in melting boro from batch. With super buttery working characteristics and beautiful fades of air free color we have already seen artists find a creative range of use.

While the first runs produced from the factory in Portland are still in the experimental stage of development, we are happy to offer this limited run at a good value to artists.

As always, the artist experience helps to guide the direction of these efforts and we want to hear your feedback as we move forward.

Second quality glass can have the properties of odd quality glass, but may also have small stones, air bubbles, vary in tone/shade, or the shape can be very out of round. Both odd and second quality glass can provide a great value to the right person.

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It's about time people!


First of all, yes, this is absolutely the same kind of gold ruby that Molten Aura has been selling. But don't get too worked up thinking that Northstar is ripping off MA: This is literally just gold glass, known since ancient times. The real head-scratcher here is why on earth we are only now seeing gold boro appear, given that silver boro has been around for decades!<br><br>Onto the review: When struck (aka. worked in any way), a rod-thick segment of this glass takes on a gorgeous deep fuchsia color; any thicker trends deep red, while thinning out gives a range of raspberry-pink tones. Like all gold ruby colors, it also has a subtle yellow light-scattering effect under bright illumination. Overall, this appears to be a more saturated color than MA Gold Ruby. Now, this is a second-quality rod of an experimental color, so it's got its imperfections: There are some stones, and the color is a tad uneven, giving some darker bands, but nothing too bothersome. Looking forward to the full release!