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The mighty Cricket is a standard surface mix burner featuring 5 jets. It is an entry to intermediate torch, but even the skilled lamp worker will be surprised by the performance of the Cricket.

The Cricket is capable of working both soft and borosilicate glass with ease. The Cricket can work 1" solid borosilicate. The Cricket can work up to a 2" borosilicate pendant and larger soft glass pieces. The flame characteristics of the Cricket make it a very efficient, clean burning torch that makes the most difficult colors easy to work and control. The penetrating heat of the flame make borosilicate beads and pendants easy without any change to the torch setup.

This torch will be a great economical choice when setting up a studio with multiple torches. The Cricket was designed to get the best performance possible out of an economical 5 LPM 5 PSI oxygen concentrator. The Cricket is not limited to small concentrator use, it does extremely well on 10 LPM concentrators as well as using tanked oxygen. This means that it maximizes the output of smaller oxygen concentrators and is very efficient on tanked oxygen too! It can be run on 1/4 PSI fuel gas and 3 PSI oxygen! The Cricket makes the most heat out of the available fuel and oxygen for an extremely clean flame with no carbon on the torch when run properly.

The Cricket comes standard with male “B” fittings and in-line filter screens to easily connect to grade “T” hose with “B” fittings. The stainless steel base has 4 holes for securing the torch to the work table, and can be used as a forming and shaping tool for hot glass pieces. Also included are cleaning wires. The standard Cricket valve body/cone is anodized purple with green and red knobs.

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She is a great starter one!

Great torch


Have been using this torch for 6 years, no problems at all. Gets nice and hot and rarely have to clean it. Great for beginners as it will not break the bank and can teach you all the basics of setting up and melting. Very fuel efficient as well

The cricket hops


This is a great smaller torch. Don't let the small face fool you, this one packs a punch and can work 1-2 inch boro marbles. It may take longer, and it's not as versatile as larger torches, but it gets the job done. It's very easy on the oxygen - I run it on a 10lpm concentrator very happily, and it probably would be fine at 5. Because of this, it travels well, is a great starter torch, and a good torch for smaller pieces.

Wonderful economical torch


This is a very economical torch for a beginner or for a second torch set-up. I will heat up to 2 " split boro and work delicate details. You can't go wrong with this torch.

Great beginning torch


Fantastic torch for those interested in getting their feet into glassblowing! Can make up to 1 inch marbles and small spoons / pinches. Nice pin flame too for pearls, polishing, etc. Overall a fantastic bargain for 250! Was using a liquid dewar tank but definitely wanted to try an oxy-con 5lpm setup!