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GTT Mirage Torch 4Port Torch with Compressed Air Option

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SKU: GTTMirage 4 Port Compressed Air Option
Compressed Air Connection Equipment Required, but NOT Included. 



Compressed air injection technology injects compressed air directly into the fuel system of the torch. By precisely controlling the ratio of fuel and compressed air, the temperature of the flame can be controlled while maintaining flame chemistry and flame type. From the cooler, driving flame to the wide bushy cool flame, any combination is now possible. Thin hollow work is now easier and more controllable than ever before. Colors that are tough to work become easier than ever before and appear sharper and true to form. And if that’s not enough, this setup is foot pedal ready! Now, not only can each stage of the torch be individually controlled, but each stage of compressed air injection can now be controlled with a foot pedal.

Triple mix technology combined with compressed air injection adds a new dimension to the flame characteristics that no other torch on the market can achieve. GTT compressed air systems encompass everything GTT is known for; quality, safety, versatility, outstanding engineering and unsurpassed functionality.

Two options for compressed air - tanked air or air compressor tanked air. Tanked air simply requires a tank, regulator and hose. The compressed air in the tank has been filtered, dried and compressed so there is no need for anything other equipment in the system. The benefit is a simpler system without filters or dryer maintenance and initial cost. The drawback is the same as all other tanked gasses, tanks run out, tanks are heavy, and they are a constant expense. 

Compressed air system warnings

*Only clean, dry compressed air is to be used with this system. If moisture or dirt enters the system from the compressed air supply, it will void all warranties.

*Do not remove any components from the system

*Pre-installed check valves are required for safety - do not modify or remove. 

*Compressed air hose supplied with the torch is fire resistant - do not replace with any other type of hose. 

*Close all torch valves and compressed air shutoff valve when not in use. 

*Maximum air pressure must not exceed 100 psi. 

*Check that all system components are in good operating condition before using this product. 

The Mirage torch is a 2 stage torch that uses the powerful Lynx 7 Jet for the center fire and 2 rings of jets with a total of 33 jets for the outer fire.  This completely surface mix torch uses the patented Triple Mix technology and 40 total jets to provide unparalleled power for all types of glass.  

The Mirage is the one of the most popular of the 2 stage Triple Mix torches in the lineup.  It is great for soft or hard glass with the ability to produce many flame types from a soft bushy flame to a hard driving flame.  The flame chemistry that is achieved with the Triple Mix technology has a wide range including a fuel rich reduction flame, a neutral flame, an oxygen rich oxidizing flame, and an over-oxidizing flame.  These flame types make any type, color or effect of glass easy to work and manipulate.  

The Mirage comes standard with a 4 stud manifold that allows for the most flexibility for any setup to be run.  The primary use is for a foot pedal to be used to turn the outer fire on and off with the outer fire valves preset to the desired setting.  Also the 4 stud can make use of different oxygen sources such as a concentrator on the center fire and tanked oxygen on the outer fire.  In this situation the fuel will "Y" together at the torch for simplicity.  A foot pedal is NOT required for a 4 stud torch, the hoses can "Y" back together to use a single fuel source and a single oxygen source with the option to use a foot pedal in the future.  

  The Mirage comes standard with a purple manifold, red, blue and green valve caps and rack and pinion adjustment.  It is mounted on a powder coated base that has holes for securing the base to the work table.  Also included are complete instructions, a cleaning kit, and an instructional DVD.

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Serious Game Changer! #GTT4LIFE


I've been on the torch for just over three years now, and if it wasn't for this torch, my glass career would've just been a distant mirage. I started on a Redmax that I bought from MGA. After my first 150hrs I got extremely blessed with the opportunity to buy my dream torch, the GTT Mirage. The torch is a serious game changer. After spending a few days learning the torch and the insane flame chemistry, it seemed like my art took a huge leap forward. It's as if the art makes itself. This torch rages hard, but can have a pinpoint flame tighter than most hand torches are capable of. I'm on a full concentrated setup, and it runs flawlessly day in and day out, no questions asked. I don't currently use the compressed air option at this time, but am in the process of getting it ran. Additionally, any two stage torch deserves a good foot pedal-don't cut yourself short.