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Scorpion 4-Stud Torch w/ Lynx Center Fire - GTT

8 Reviews
SKU: GTTScorpion 4-Stud w/ Lynx Center Fire
Torch color may differ from photos.


GTT's instructional DVD is now available to view at www.glasstorchtech.com and will no longer be included with torches.

GTT is proud to announce the next generation of innovative Torch Design. This concept in torch design is so revolutionary that GTT was awarded a U.S. Patent on this technology.

With this patented head design, GTT torches are able to achieve the ultimate flame chemistry and efficiency giving you the ultimate glass working experience. Not only do you have the best flame on the market, you have the most stylish torch to deliver that awesome flame.

The design of the torch itself is a work of art. You can see the attention to detail and passion that GTT puts into designing these and all of their torches.


  • Patented Head design
  • Adjustable Valves
  • Ergonomic design
  • “B” Fittings
  • Torch head and Body are constructed of high grade Stainless-Steel
  • Affordably priced

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Scorpion with Lynx center fire kicks ass


I bought this new Gtt Scorpion a short while back. It is head and shoulders above the old style scorpion. Not even it the same league. It has a hell of a punch especially with the lynx center fire. I am able to make 2.5 to 3 inch marbles with ease. I have been doing 50 mm vac stacks with it as well. Classic Gtt heat for an amazing price. This will be a torch I hold onto for a good long while.

Powerful little beast


This is a great workhorse. I work boro, and I moved up to this from smaller torches. The Lynx center fire is similar to those, but with more punch and versatility, easily getting to a needle point flame with the triple mix valve. Adding the outer fire gives it the heat to melt glass quickly and work larger pieces. I'm able to work colors on this that were muddier or took a long time on smaller torches.<br><br>I run this torch on a smaller HVLP setup - a holding tank and one 10lpm concentrator. I'm usually at 20 PSI oxygen and 5-7 PSI propane. Working smaller pieces with just the center fire uses much less than 10lpm oxygen, and I can use the outer fire for quite a while before my holding tank gets below 20 PSI, so this torch is very easy on the oxygen. Even when it's less than 20 PSI, it's still usable, just a little less forceful and a bit bushier flame.<br><br>For anyone moving up from a small torch and looking for a 2 stage that can happily run on concentrators, this is your beast.

Cultivated Creations Glass Art likes this Touch


I was first introduced to the GTT-line about 2 years ago. I first learned on a mirage they had at Flametree Glass in Roswell Georgia. I couldn't quite afford the mirage and I found the scorpion to be a nice size dual stage lampworking torch which enables me the best flame characteristics and overall Heat base for the the price.
<br> I am very satisfied with the GTT torch

Great torch


very easy to be accurate with flame chemistry on this torch. I like to run the outer oxy open a hair when shaping hollow work and find it pretty easy to predict the time for heat to soak into color tubing sections. not looking to upgrade right away after a couple years on this torch I still love it. started on a nortel mega minor few years ago and this can handle much bigger pieces of tube with ease on the outerfire.