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GTTScorpion 4-Stud w/ Lynx Center Fire

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Once again rising above the ordinary, GTT has created the next generation of the standard torch, but there is nothing standard about it. The Scorpion uses the mighty Lynx as the center fire and is equipped with B Fittings. The Lynx is well known for its efficiency on a 5 LPM concentrator and the great ability to work both soft glass and borosilicate glass with ease. 

The Scorpion has an 8 jet outer fire using our new patent pending 100% surface mix design that optimizes 10 LPM or two 5 LPM concentrators with optimal results. The Scorpion makes the flame size of larger torches with fewer jets, owing the phenomenal performance to the newest GTT innovations in jet design. 

The Scorpion was designed with concentrators, low pressure and low consumption in mind. The Scorpion runs great on one 10 LPM concentrator, two 5 LPM concentrators or tanked oxygen. Oxygen consumption is 11 LPM (22 CFH) at the maximum flame size. It requires as low as ¼ psi to 5 psi of natural gas or propane with a low consumption rate of 1.5 LPM (3 CFH) at the maximum flame size. The Scorpion is the master at using low pressures for optimal results for soft or hard glass.

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