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True Flameworking Jacks - Griffin Glass Tools

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Griffin's true flameworking jacks are the first of their kind. Griffin made these jacks with the same trusted heat tempered stainless steel as their popular mini jacks. This kind of tempering allows the jack's blades to tolerate constant exposure to heat and direct flame. The jack blades are 2.75? long and have a rounded back edge. The top curves in and comes to a fine point. The blades have been turned 90 degrees from the arms like traditional jacks. The overall length is 11.25? make these jacks truely the correct scale for flameworking.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Very strong spring

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The spring on these is so strong that it really makes them a pain to work with. They do get the job done and are clearly well made otherwise, but I think I'll be selling them and trying something with a lighter tension on it. Also I find the blades to be a little short if you are trying to flare open more than just a couple inches of glass and even if you do stick them in a little farther, your hand gets lit up since length wise they are relatively short. The latter complaint is my own fault, the specs are clearly listed and accurate.

daily driver

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I hid my reamer from myself for a while when i first got these. I really like mine and I use them on everything I make. They are stiff, they are the right size for what I make, My favorite tool i own. Hands down!

True to their name

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These are a good product. You can wield them on the torch easily because they aren't too big, but that also means they are too small to be good for anything wider than a couple inches. Still they come in handy, and do stand up to the flame. I would rate a 5 but some (not all) can be difficult to squeeze down.

Jack stacks

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These are great and super useful had to get the hang of using them but once I did I use them fairly often