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Mighty Mite Drone 30 Gallon - High Volume Oxygen

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A Drone is a compressor controlled by the Main. It is used to add compression capacity so that you can connect more concentrators to your system. A Drone includes a tank and a compressor that responds to a signal from the Main to turn on and off. The Main and Drone tanks are connected via a braided steel oxygen line (included) to create a single “atmosphere” that has a common pressure. This pressure is sensed by the Main to maintain the pressure in all tanks within the range that is appropriate for your system (100 – 150 PSI for the MAX and Mighty Mite). When adding a Drone, Mighty Mite and MAX products may be used interchangeably.

The Drone is designed to be able to add more pressure storage in your system, without having to purchase another control box.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to run this, you will need to connect this to an existing Mighty Mite or MAX Main 30 Gallon - HVO Concentrator System.

More storage means more time using oxygen at a flow rate that is greater than the rate at which the attached oxygen concentrators can make oxygen. For example, if your HVO System has two 10 liter per minute (LPM) concentrators and your torch consumes 20 LPM, oxygen consumption is equal to production. If you turn the torch up to 30 LPM, you are now outpacing your concentrators, so your stored oxygen will diminish over time. If you increase your storage, either by using larger tanks, or by adding tanks, you’ll increase the time during which you can use oxygen at an increased flow rate.

The general rule for designing your perpetual oxygen system is to count the number of jets on your torch and allocate 1 to 1.5 LPM for each jet. By this rule, a torch with seven jets requires about 7 to 10 LPM. Since the HVLP system provides this flow of oxygen with much higher pressures, the performance of the torch will be more on par with bottled or liquid oxygen.

Foot pedals are recommended for the larger torches, and will maximize your system by allowing your oxygen to replenish when your outer rings are off. This may allow you to effectively use more torches per system

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