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Heat Defense Pad 12" x 12" 4 ply Carbon X - Soft Twill

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These Heat Defense Pads are unique from other types of heat resistant glassblowing material. They use the Carbon X material developed for Nascar racing. Since Heat Defense Pads are made of 4-Ply carbon X material they can readily withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees F.

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Must have for high end pieces.

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I dont know how many glass artists use these, but more should. Wipe off kiln dust when the piece is fresh out of the kiln, and get to welding/shaping quicker than sitting there blowing the dust off like an idiot. As most of us know, kiln dust left in place = bubbles. DO NOT use this with molten glass. I have used mine to hold wine glass parts while welding, or for fixing a broken piece that no longer has a blowtube attached. Proper ventillation is always needed in glass, but especially with these. Holding onto a piece for longer periods will cause the interior pad to smoke a bit, dont breathe that stuff in! These will break down over time, my current one is starting to fall to bits. Great product. Oh and watch out for those seams, pretty easy to avoid but the seam stitching will burn right off.