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High Quality Flat Tweezers

4 Reviews
SKU: EQ076


These high quality, flat stainless steel tweezers measure 10" long and 0.5" wide. These tweezers are the universal lampworking tool and are an essential piece of every lampworker or glass blower's bench.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Nice Tweezers

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I like these a lot. Bought them to have a nicer pair than the cheap 3-pack. The tips are nice and pointy, making it easy to pull off fine points of glass. Nice for the price.

Not impressed

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I bought a pair thinking they would be a great improvement over the $4 equivalent. For 6 times the price they aren't much nicer. Maybe I got a bad pair? They don't align evenly when closed and you really have to push at an angle to get the tips aligned. Would not recommend.

Little tricky

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When you squeeze these the tips don?t seem to want to meet up for m. Normal tweezers have a long weld to connect the 2 parts, these just have a bend at the end making them wobbly in my opinion, I really wanted to like them.


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Use these puppies quite a bit and they are great holding up amazing