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Noswar Hornet Torch Tip - 3" x 1.5mm for Smith Little Torch

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SKU: TS018


The Noswar Hornet Torch Tip - 3" x 1.5mm for Smith Little Torch is made of stainless steel. These torch tips have been used in the scientific industry for 20+ years. They fit Smith and Gentech mini torches. The Noswar Hornet torch tips provide a powerful, fine point flame that is not comparable to any other tip available.
NOTE: Not intended to be used with acetylene.

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best torch tips hands down

by -

these tips provide a dialed in smooth flame, no flickering no popping out, they handle heat great I have even used this tip to chase a crack out from the inside of a piece and it stayed lit!

Get this and you'll love your minitorch

by -

This tip seems a little expensive UNTIL YOU USE IT. I didn't know any better until I got one, I ran thru the included tips before finally getting on and the difference is night and day, it was near impossible for me to lite my minitorch with the supplied tips at the same pressure as my main torch (Carlisle CC) but this tip works perfect and no separate regulators or knobs required! The flame range is also super versital, I can work precise areas or use it as my shaping torch behind my lathe. Great product! Wish I woulda got it sooner!

The hiss of the hornet

by -

I loved my Smith Little before with the standard tips. But after upgrading I dont know why I went without for so long. Stronger concentrated candle, never blows out and can take some abuse if your more clumsy in the shop. Treat yourself to a new torch tip and your glass will thank you.

precision and power

by -

this little tip really is outstanding. The difference between it and stock is night and day. I also tried out a blast shield 7 hole tip and switch back to this right away

A must have

by -

I hated all the tips that came with my smith little torch, the pressure always sucked and the flame was so sensitive. This tip makes all the difference in the world. Ive tried blast shields and ive tried these and these are hands down the best tips. A must have for any little torch enthusiast. You wont be disappointed.


by -

This tip made the Smith Mini feel like a whole new tool! The flame doesn't blow out and the adjustment is smooth. Highly recommend this to anyone considering getting a Smith Mini.

Must Have

by -

You can throw away the tips that came with the Smith little, this is all you will ever need. The tip can really take the heat after left running or when getting blow back from a piece, 5 months using it and I have had no issues!