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Chili Pepper Kiln w/ AF3P Digital Controller - Jen-Ken

15 Reviews
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The Chili Pepper has been around for over 10 years and is the kiln of choice for many lampworkers. It has 2" of healthy blanket for insulation and an industrial tubular coil to provide years of annealing glass. Great for Teacher who travels. Large Handle for carrying; light weight small kiln with big kiln features.



- Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

- Max Temp: 1100° F | 593° C

- Voltage: 120

- Amps: 8

- Watts: 960

- Cordset: Nema 5-15R

- Controller: Digital AF3P

- Kiln Type: Front Loading

- Sides: 4


Chamber Dimensions:

- Width: 16.0″ - 406mm

- Depth: 4.0″ - 102mm

- Height: 6.5″ - 165mm

- Ship Size: 31.0″W x 16.0″D x 16.0″H | 787W x 406D x 406H mm

Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews

Don't wait

by -

This Mr. Chili Pepper is the kiln of my dreams. I have a kiln but the 2" door was a pistol. You could have one eek, and gonzo was your bead, knocked against the small opening. Not Mr. Chili Pepper. That 4" door and the less heat radiating in the room make this a dream. What really sold me aside from the programming ease, was at Hot Times, packing it up with over 40 or more beads with no losses. Go get one- NOW, don't wait.


by -

Chances are you are going to be doing a demo in the future, or you could just use more space. This kiln is perfect for me. I take all my equipment all sorts of places and the kiln being so small is perfect for travel. It's perfect!

#1 starter kiln

by -

Best kiln I've had, and the best kiln for a beginner needing an affordable starter kiln or a pro just needed somewhere to hold the prep work. This kiln heats up in under 15 minutes and can have 8 custom programs.

Love it

by -

Shipped quickly, Great kiln awesome size, heats up quickly and love the portability. If you are looking for a first kiln or a portable kiln then this is the kiln for you.


by -

I thought I would need a bigger kiln while starting making boro pendants, art, and functional glass but was gladly proven wrong. The programming takes only a couple trys to have down to a science, lol and I mean a couple. The power consumption is small and I notice no bad fiber smell at all. Love the size and has no problem fitting all my 6-10" pieces in a days work!

Don't waste money buy paragon

by -

There is not enough space for a full day of work even with smaller items. The fiber falls out easy becoming traped in your work also it doesn't hold heat very well causing the element to work hard and wear faster less than a year. Jen-kilns doesn't stand behind their product n a hassle to deal with do yourself a favor don't buy it

So happy with this kiln

by -

I LOVE my Chilipepper kiln. Reaches temperature fast, annealing cycle is perfect, no glitches in the 2+ years I've had it. Had another kiln and sold it when I got this one.

Works for Me!

by -

I would give this little kiln a five-torch rating were it not a bit difficult to figure out the programming. I'd give it a three-torch rating because of the programming, but the folks at Jen-Ken are so very helpful that their customer service makes up for it! So, 5 torches for the kiln, 3 for programming ease, and 4 for customer service. I like my Chili Pepper and feel it was a good investment.

Handy little kiln

by -

I have been running mine for about a year now with no complaints. gets up to temp fast. the front door is great for garaging more complex projects. The small counter footprint and light weight do not hurt either.

Best tool box i ever had


Ive been using mine for 2 yrs never had a problem with it and holds heat amazing. Done a ton of soft glass and boro and never had any thing come out cracked or bad will worth getting especially if you are limited on space

Solid starter


This was my first kiln and it gets the job done but the matting does get trapped in your work quite easily. I'll be upgrading asap

A great starter kiln for small work


I've had mine for about 4.5 years and no issues. The programming and buttons take a minute to figure out, but once you set up your most common routines (which you can do 4 custom, maybe 8 if you iverried the default 'bead' programs) you just pick your program and go.
<br>The door is only about 3 inches tall and I've had some work too big to fit as I practice larger sculptures and drinkware. Also the fiber blanket can be fragile and come apart so be mindful when inserting your work not to poke the fluff with you metal tweezers.
<br>It's been a great kiln for a practicing hobbyist doing small work, but I plan to upgrade after 4 or 5 years of use.

Great little kiln!

by -

I have had this kiln for many years and in that time I had to replace the coil once and the relay a few times but it has been used excessively daily with extreme cold temps. The parts are fairly cheap and easy to replace yourself and have had only great customer service from JenKen. The size is small and for some that may not work but for me making production it gets the job done heats quickly and is very cheap to run. Totally happy with this kiln the only thing id change would be the floor wish it was a hard surface. I’ve been blowing glass since 97 and have had 4 kilns and this one is by far my favorite and there is no better place to order from than mountain glass they are the best!

Beast mode


This little thing is amazing! Heats up super fast and is so lightweight you could easily bring it with you anywhere. Quite spacious inside, I'm very happy with it!

Great starter kiln, easy to use!


This kiln is great for starters. I'm still new to flameworking and bought this as my first kiln. It's been wonderful for tiny stuff and once I start working bigger the plan is to use this kiln to keep my rods hot during the work day.