8" Large Cup Shears

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SKU: C030


These large cup shears measure 8" long, featuring stainless steel 1.5" blades that are 4mm thick. These well made shears are great for cutting and trimming hot glass on cups, goblets, or any blown vessel. These shears are a standard for any lampworker's bench.

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Great for the Price

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I got these sheers as a gift a couple years back and they have always gotten the job done for me. They are still in almost perfect condition today. I'm sure the "cutting edge" sheers are great but these definitely do just fine if you aren't rich lol.

Large cup shears

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I got these shears a couple of months ago and they are great! Very sturdy and well built. Much needed tool for my Arsenal.

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<br>Also these shears are great

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Best for snipping off more then you can chew 😜👌🔥 da da chhhhh

Better than my old bonsai shears by far!

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Cut like butter!