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Large JAWS Cutting Tool

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The new large JAWS have been completely redesigned, and are now machined from solid aluminum. This assures much better accuracy and alignment between the glass tubing and the scoring wheel. The glass tubing is now supported by 5 bearings, offering a non-scratching, friction free support for the glass. These will easily score 50mm tubing by hand, and have been used cleanly on tubing up to 75mm.

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If you break down tubing this is a must! I have the small one also, irreplaceable!

Great tool

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I recently got both the small and large.. i would suggest getting both. These large ones are amazing for breaking down tubing and rods from 10mm up. The small ones are great for replacing nippers for smaller diameters. But from about 10mm up these large one hold the tubing/rod much more firmly. Anything under that though i would use the small ones. These make pretty short work of large tubing. I just got em an broke down a 45mm (44? 46? Somehwere in that range) into multiple pieces in under 2 minutes. With nice clean edges. Normally breaking that down into the same on the torch would take me an hour or two, due to having to let the ends cool before i could break it down more. And the ends would not be clean. This is definitely a must have.
<br>So are the smalls.