Large Knife Jacks

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These stainless steel knife jacks measure a total of 20" in length with a 6" handle and 10" long blades. The blades taper down to approximately 4mm opening even the smallest of holes. The outside of the blades are rounded with flat insides. They have an extremely light spring for easy control. These jacks are excellent for opening cups, goblets, or any blown vessel. The back of the handle also works very well for a convenient paddle.

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They do the job

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This review is from someone who hasn't used jacks before. They appear to be solid and well made. The tips on mine are a little miss-aligned when they come together, but I think with a little adjusting I can get them to work. They'll definitely take some getting used to. They feel a little unwieldy, like a long pair of chop sticks. I'm kind of wondering if I'd been better off with the mini jacks.

Great tool

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This tool is great i use these jacks all the time and they are sturdy. They are very large!

Great Value

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I wanted to try jacks as an homage to Italian glass blowing, but didn't want to spend a ton of money to try something new. These jacks are very well priced and i was very happy with the quality. They are definitely very large and took a little while to get the hang of them, but now that I have I use them all the time. An awesome tool to ad to my repertoire.

You don't know jack

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This tool is a must have for any glass blower. great value and work just the same as the expensive ones.


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Awesome jacks for the price ,lightlightweight spring action and can take the heat! Highly recommended for the beginner artist .

Great deal!

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I've been looking at these for months and trying to decide as to whether or not I wanted to save up the money for a more respected brand in jacks (Cutting Edge, Griffin, etc) or get these... Jacks are THE lampworking tool in the Italian schools where I studied, and given the lack of reviews and the rather cheap price or this brand, I thought it might be better to wait and save up for a nicer pair after I lost my old ones to corrosion. In the end, I ended up buying these on a whim; a last minute addition to the cart and am quite pleased that I did. They do vary from the ones I used while studying abroad. For instance, the blades aren't blades, but rather more like long un-serrated tweezer ends which sort of roll to a skinny cylindrical shape in towards the end; "kife-jacks may be a bit of a misnomer. We had rounded jacks abroad, the translation of the name of which is something along the lines of "wire jacks", and while the true bladed jacks are what is most commonly used in Venice, these too have their place in lampworking. In fact the lack of wide blades makes these somewhat easier to handle in flaring and opening holes, very useful for borowork, pipes in particular. The steel is higher quality than I expected and the spring is about right for the size of the jacks. Time will tell if the memory holds true. At 20", they are bound to feel a little large at first for what most Americans will want them for (these would be really nice for making goblets and flutes at this size), but easy enough to get used to with a little practice. The top makes a wonderful shaping tool and has all but replaced my smaller handheld marvering paddle. If your budget doesn't allow for higher priced jacks, don't hesitate to get a pair of these. Whether you are a pipemaker or sculptor, you will soon find these to be among your most important tools. Just don't forget that bee's wax to prevent the sticking! Hope this helps! Tony.