Large Hot Glass Shears

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Large Hot Glass Shears (6" blade)

Old Rusty

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These shears rusted faster than any other tool I have had. The shears with the gold handles I purchased work perfectly. These are useless for me.

Could be better, but for the price

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The title says it all. They get the job done, but nothing special for this type of tool. But honestly, maybe its just my style, but you really do not need much more than these for the application. Should be in your kit


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I bought these a while back and am not very fond of them. They rusted up super fast! Once they did that they were done for. I would recommend just buying a decent pair

Slightly Dissapointed.

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Tool gets the job done and a nice price point, but they rusted really fast and from the start were sticky and needed a lot of force to open the blades.


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These scissors will cut glass, but are not very comparable to some of the best on the market. The leave scuzz on your project and rust up quickly. if youre looking for a cheap pair of scissors that will cut glass these are it, but if your looking for quality save your money and get some Jim Moores.

Can't Complain

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Can't complain for the price. Expect them to rust and not close properly after some use.

Sorry Jim I don't have $188...

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Well, like most flame workers I can't afford a pair of Jim Moore's shears for $188+ ... I actually like these 6" Shears and have had them for 10 years with no problems, easy to handle and comfortable. :)

they're ok

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i found that the area where you have enough leverage to cut the glass and not burn your hand is very short with these scissors, the long blades and relatively short and flexible handles make it difficult to make clean straight cuts. i do however find that these shears are great for sculpting and shaping

Cut N Flip

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I use these when doing cut and flips. They work really well. My only complaint is that they have become a little rusty.