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Lathe - Table Model - 85mm Bore - 36" Chuck to Chuck - 120 Volt

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- Bore - 85 mm
- Chuck to chuck length - 36"
- Swing - 9.5"
- Bed length - 49"

- Teeth projection from chuck - 1.5"
- Chuck style - scroll chucks
- Weight - 950 lbs.
- Includes an extra set of teeth for the chucks
- 120v wiring with USA 5-15 NEMA plug

$500 Flat Rate, Door Step Delivery within Continental USA

The AccuGrind Glass Blowing Lathe is a solid workhorse for the price. It is a lathe where price meets reliable functionality. Each machine is hand tuned and inspected by an expert machinist before leaving our facility to ensure full function and significantly smoother chuck action.

Each unit is hand tuned by professional machinists with over 30 years of experience. Unlike other Indian lathes on the market, the AccuGrind lathe is adjusted and tuned to operate much smoother.

The AccuGrind Lathe is designed and priced to be an introductory lathe. It is not made with the same precision as one of the many popular lathe brands such as Litton, Heathway, Bethlehem, American Lathes, Red Star, Vertigo or any other high precision machine. It is a fraction of the price of one of those lathes though and can easily pay for itself with the right operator.

Please note: An engine hoist, walkie stalker, or construction lift will be needed to move this machine. It is very heavy and not able to be lifted by hand or group of people.

In the process of tuning the lathes some paint is broken to access the chains in the headstock and tailstock. Due to the thick coat of paint chipping is inevitable. This saves you the trouble of having to break loose the chain cover and bolts holding it, but does result in some paint loss.

Detailed Measurements

•Complete machine is 85” long x 15” wide. This includes the motor, belt, controller etc.
•Feet placement - Total length from foot end to foot end is 73". This includes the length of the feet.
•Feet are 6" long and approximately 3" wide.

Table - *Disclaimer* We have not personally tested the table(s) linked below. It has been recommended by multiple owners of these exact lathes.
The key detail of any table you choose is the weight capacity. If the table cannot stay straight and level, it will result in misfunction of the lathe and show in your glass. Uline offers multiple table options linked below.

Husky Workbench - 96" x 24 - 3,000 lb capacity (single piece & cheap)
Steel Table - 96" x 36" - 2,000 lb capacity (cheaper)
Welded Steel Workbench - 3,000 lb capacity (stronger and single piece construction)

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Great workhorse


Was looking for an import lathe for a long time, all companies overseas wanted direct deposits with no precautions for buyer protection. Buying through Mountain Glass gave me piece of mind. The shipping process was very easy, and was delivered right into my shops garage. The machine is super straight, large bore, and the spare set of chuck teeth is an excellent addition. With some grease and regular oiling, the lathe is running very smooth. The chucks open smoother than on my Litton. The longer bed length is great to have, and is not an expensive upgrade. The lathe is more simple compared to a litton, making accessing areas such as chains to adjust tension a breeze. Very little play between head and tailstock. Great controller with forward and reverse, as well as smooth rotation at lower speeds. Only drawback is there is not a bed cover, does not effect function just had to break the muscle memory. Overall I would highly recommend this lathe to anyone looking to add one to their shop.

Hands down best lathe for price


For the price this is the best lathe on the market. Way better than those flimsy American lathes for many reasons. I worked 8 years on lathes in several shops assembling tubes and in scientific. mostly on Litton's and heathways for reference. The lathe was ready to work right off the truck, didn't have to true it. The manufacturer has answered all my calls and questions. Get the long bed. No reason not to for the small jump in price. I bought mine in 2020 and no problems still.
<br>*I didn't order mine thru mountain because I don't think they offered them at that point.