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Leponitt Wheeled Glass Nippers w/ 2 Wheels (Mosaic Cutter)

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SKU: C001


Wheeled glass nippers (Mosaic Cutters) with two round cutting wheels. For cutting rod, small tubing, stained glass, etc.

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Good for any shop.

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I consider these to be a staple item in my glass shop for cutting and scoring rod of all kinds and even some tube. If you don't have a pair of loppers I highly suggest you get some soon. You won't regret it.

Cutting made easy

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Cuts small rod and tube with ease. Good for disconnecting blow tubes or opening a point.

Great Tool

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Wonderful to have in the studio. Cuts millies and rod with ease. Well made and solid.

made life easier

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cut millies, rod, and tube with ease and struggle no more!!! id get one asap

Fantastic pair of snipperser

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Even though they're made in Taiwan, these sure have some durability and quality to them. They cut rod easily and i've cut/scored tubing and rod up to 12mm with it. It's also great for cutting up your opals/murrini/mili canes with. Only downside is if you break a blade it's hard to find replacement blades so you have to be careful or buy a new pair.Just make sure you wear eye protection when cutting as glass dust and shards do not meet friendly with your eyes!

Without glass shatter


Love these that I bought they cut the rods
<br>Evenly and Precise without shattering!!



These are a great tool for your vench to hwlp speed up preppind rod and smaller tubing. Absolutely great with millie workvas well

Awesome clipper

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Awesome for cutting rod and millis!