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Magic Mini Jacks - Griffin Glass Tools

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Griffin’s magic “mini jacks” can be used to ream open the smallest opening using one of the triangle shaped blades and moving in and out of the flame. Use the outward force of the beveled edge jack blades for opening any 2” or smaller tube or encalmo section for a nice even wall and cup shape. Other great uses for the “mini Jacks” are finishing of hollow beads, pendant loops, fine tuning a mouth piece or raised carb or even opening the constriction on a down stem.

The “Mini Jacks are made of hardened stainless steel which can withstand much more heat than common stainless steel. The jacks can be held directly in the flame for a few seconds without damage to the steel. Although the ideal use of the jacks, the glass is in between the tool and the flame and in many cases the shaping is done just outside the flame. The dimensions of this awesome tool are 8.5” long and The blades are .5mm wide at the tip to .35mm at the widest edge. The flare dimension range is from 1mm to 55mm.

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

Love These!

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A little smaller than i expected but they work great. Very versatile tool. Nice tension for flaring.

Incredibly Useful

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They are for sure smaller then I expected for some reason but if you're a beginner these are perfect to learn how to use jacks. They work very well for flare small pieces and pendant loops. Keep them waxed or they'll rust.

Good but Price

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I always have these on my desk I use them whenever working hollow, however I feel the price is a bit high for what they are. They flare medium to small tubes well and can open the tiniest of holes. Make sure to wax them


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I've owned these for about 3 years now and I use em for everything from flaring open the tiniest holes to forming perfect female fittings. way better than a normal octagonal reamer and it will last a lifetime. definitely a must have!!

absolutely love Magic Mini Jacks

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I love these Jacks. Perfect, fit for my hands and love the way they perform. They are sharp. They are heavier then I anticipated and great tension. Would recommend these. Great tool for the reasonable price. Fast delivery on top of it.

Quality but ?

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Great tool but they dont use stainless for the whole tool, everything that touchs glass is stainless but the roller that keeps them spread they made out of regular steel so it started to surface rust in a week and for the price common...

You should have this tool on your bench


I was skeptical at first but as soon as I use them to flare my glass on glass joints I knew they were keepers I always have them on my bench. They hold up extremely well and you can get into a small hole better than a Tungsten pick and some cases.

Bee's Knees


As mentioned these are great and I love the part that does surface rust as it sticks to a cheap magnetic tool holder on the front of my bench.

My #1 Tool


If I had to pick my #1 tool, it’s these little guys. I’ve been using mine for years to flare out holes for connecting pieces, both by hand and on the lathe. I also use them to flare my handles when needed.

Great for small work


These are great beginner jacks or if you mainly work with small pieces. They can get into the tiniest of holes to flare them out. The only con is the price, which is WAY too high.

Liking them so far!

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Flares the smallest openings. Metal seems much higher quality then my other jacks. Planning on keeping these on my bench.

Perfectly Flared Tube!


I use these jacks on every flair on every blowtube, hands down my favorite tool for evening out wall thickness for perfect seals every time. Just a bit of bee’s wax on the tips every once and awhile and they will last a lifetime.

Says 4 - Should be 5!


The title says it all; my reason for the 4 is this, if they would be (more) Awesome ( they are anyway) over at Griffin Glass, the quality behind these things is like bo other steel tool I have held, touched, or used, granted I haven't been able to graduate to larger original size style pinchers, and even taking I to consideration the toughness in the make, if these had a Brother pair made exact and twice as big, or at least another 3rd, then I would have rated it a 6 of 5 stars...but also as far as pricing goes, GG is super cool in alot of ways in this unique industry ,..really cool about it, you who know what I mean know what I mean, and it's also why I'm a life long advocate for Mountain Glass as well!