Medium Diamond Shears

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This age old design is now available in a size geared to flameworking. The blades of these shears are each shaped with a large V in them. When the shears are closed onto hot, pliable glass, up to 1" in diameter, they form a square, or diamond, around the glass, contacting it in four spots. Squeeze the shears closed a little, and the glass uniformly constricts. Close the shears all the way and the glass is cut clean.

All Measurements Approximate:
Overall Length - 8 7/8"
Handle Finger Loops - 2 1/2" L x 1 1/4" W
Inside Small Jaw and Main Diamond Jaw are about the same at 1 3/8" Long


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Good for beginner use. Cheap material that rusts easily and quickly. Considering the drastic difference in price they are worth it if you need the tool.

Great tool!

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This tool is amazing for making blanks and any scoring/snapping application. I haven't tried it on anything bigger than 32mm but it works great for that and smaller! Also very sturdy would recommend to any lamp worker.

Great tool

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Really glad i purchased this tool. It has helped me speed up the prepping process. I would recommend buying this product

Very useful

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Love this tool great for breaking finished work off of handles. For large pieces they don't quite cut it but for medium and smaller work i cant live without them.

must have tool

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These diamond shearshave been a game changer for me. I started using them about two years ago and now I use them all the time.

Solid Product

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If you do any tube cane at all and need to be able to score and snap quickly these are what you need. endless applications for shears, cant believe i went so long without a pair. only problem is the handles are a tad short so get ready to lose some arm hair

you get what you pay for

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i purchased a pair of these shears and found them great for small work and working with tubing smaller than 25mm. however i found that when i tried to go bigger with these shears i would bend the handles or loosen the screw. great tool for small work but not built for rugged large work like tube pulls


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I like them for scoring and snapping rod 10 mm and under but other than that you should go bigger

Perfect starter set

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I bought this set as my first pair of diamond shears and was immediately finding all sorts of ways to incorporate them into my style of work to greatly increase my final product and reduce the time spent on each piece. Should be a must have for novices.

Works well

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Great tool for constricting tubing and cutting or scoring to break glass.

They work very well.

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Can’t go wrong with these diamond shears! They are very durable and work well.

Good diamonds


Good economy diamond sheers. Every glass blower should have a pair.