Medium Knife Jacks

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These stainless steel knife jacks measure a total of 14" in length with a 8" handle and 6" long blades. The blades taper down to approximately 2mm, opening even the smallest of holes. The outside of the blades are rounded with flat insides. They have an extremely light spring for easy control. These jacks are excellent for opening cups, goblets, or any blown vessel. The back of the handle also works very well for a convenient paddle.

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Wish I got them sooner. I was recommended to find the smallest pair I could find. These are great a little bigger then I was recommended but the are great and do the job I'm looking for so I happy with these fo sho.


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These are such a versatile tool. I use them for a variety of thing every time I'm on the torch. Bees wax helps them glide. I absolutely love them!

You should have these on your bench.

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Grab these early! If you have at least a torch, you should have these. I wish I would have grabbed them a couple years ago. They take some finesse to take full advantage of but they are easy to figure out. You can tell as soon as to put them to work that they will speed up your prep and work time.

Your 1st Jacks, but not your last.

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These are great for hollow work. I use these mainly to flare tubing. Their very light and easy to use, but not the most sturdy. They tend to fall out of alignment on heavier use, still very effective and affordable. Use with Bees Wax!

Multiple proposes tool


This tool is so good, because have multiple proposes. I use it to make flaring, to open tubes and also clean rods.
<br>It is better to use out of the flame and always put some beeswax after used to protect it.

Affordable and quality jacks


I bought these jacks back in 2016. They are well made and while they are a bit too large for small lampworking, they can be good for goblet making or other shaping of larger pieces.
<br>They'd be excellent jacks for traditional soft glass/hotshop working. The nice wide/flat back of them can double as a marver and with a bit of wax on the blades they won't leave marks.