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Metal Awl w/ Ergonomic Handle

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An awl is a beading tool used for knotting that makes it easier for you to make consistent and tight knots. Use to form knots between beads & pearls. Beading Awls will comes in handy when you need to open small beads for covering crimps. Guides knots down close to beads & the fine point will help loosen knots and tangles.

Knotting with an awl:
- Secure one end of your silk or nylon bead cord to a fastener.
- String a bead onto the cord.
- Make a loop around two of your fingers with the loose end of the cord.
- Drop the end of the cord between your fingers to create a loose overhand knot.
- Insert the tip of the awl through the center of the knot.
- Carefully slide the knot towards bead while pulling the loose end with your other hand.
- Remove awl and pull the knot tight.
- Repeat with each bead until the necklace is complete.

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