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Experimental Green #5 - #25 Large Frit - 4oz. - Northstar

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NS127 Experimental Green #5 is a very nice cobalt emerald green with a very complex color and chemistry. NS127 Experimental Green #5 was created by Draconis Glass. When they stopped making color rod Northstar acquired the formulas. When working NS127, you can achieve many different colors. When used in an oxidizing flame the color will stay a very vivid neon emerald green. Use in a less hot flame to achieve an opaque blue similar to NS045 Blue Moon. Experimental Green #5 can also shift to a creamy white and lime green. Experimental Green #5 needs to be tried as it is hard to explain.

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Color Variety Inside

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So far I've only used the #25 grade for inside work. Each individual piece of glass remains visible after it melts. Being a striking color, in addition to the dark green, it can turn a variety of shades of light blue as well as white on the outside edges of the frit.