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BlueBird XL Digital Kiln - 120 Volt - Width: 20.0" - Height: 4.5" - Depth: 8.0" - Paragon

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Kilns will have the new Paragon Touch Express by Bartlett Instrument Company digital controller. Photos reflect old controller.


The Paragon BlueBird XL has a new and improved ceramic fiber roof and firing chamber, thicker doors with new gaskets, heavier mandrel holders, and a stainless steel control panel.

The BlueBird XL is a dream kiln for the glass bead enthusiast. This 20” wide, 8” deep kiln safely anneals glass to prevent breakage during cooling. With your own Paragon annealing kiln, you will never again worry about stress fractures in your glass.

The kiln opens doorways of opportunity in beadmaking. The 10” wide double doors give a total of 20” width for inserting bead rods. This kiln is ideal for seminar teachers. It is like having two kilns in one.

The user-friendly Paragon Touch Express digital controller maintains the annealing temperature. Program it for the length of time desired. Adjust the cooling rate through the annealing range. The controller is packed with features but is user friendly.


Improved ceramic fiber firing chamber


The BlueBird XL features new sinusoidal “wavy” elements, which are embedded close to the inner surface of the high-tech, vacuum-formed ceramic fiber top. This is an improvement over our earlier embedded coiled elements, because the “wavy” elements are mounted closer to the surface. This enables the elements to radiate heat faster for longer element life. The ceramic fiber top reduces dust inside the kiln.

The BlueBird XL now features ceramic fiber walls and bottom, which replace the firebrick walls and bottom of earlier kilns. The BlueBird XL, with its space-age ceramic fiber, heats faster than ever.


Improved double doors with gaskets


Both doors are 3 1/2” x 10” and mounted in a 4 1/4” high opening. The 3/4” gap under the doors is filled by flexible, high temperature door gaskets, which help to hold in heat. The 2” thick ceramic fiber doors are twice the thickness of our original doors. The hinges are continuous across the top for extra longevity.


Bead mandrel holders


The kiln comes with one single and one double mandrel holder. The single holder supports rods or mandrels from one point; the double cradles the rods at two points. The holders are held to the kiln by magnets so you can adjust the height. They are sturdy and heavy duty for long life.


Rare-earth magnets hold doors open or closed


Rare-earth magnets hold the doors closed while the kiln is heating to annealing temperature. Phenolic knobs on the door handles stay cool to the touch. Use the switch on the front panel to turn off power to the controller when the kiln is not in use and to reboot the controller when needed.

We have added a glass rod warmer to the top of the kiln. Pre-heating the glass rods saves production time.


Heavy-duty construction


The steel base supports the kiln in two layers. The upper steel base supports and strengthens the firing chamber; the lower steel base covers the entire kiln bottom where it rests on your worktable. Electrical components are mounted to the lower base, away from the heat.

The Paragon Touch Express digital controller is mounted under the kiln in an ergonomically sloped panel for easy operation. The design saves table space over kilns with a side switch box. The built-in base stays cool even during extended hold times for the long life of the electrical system. It is slotted to dissipate heat and comes with mar-proof plastic feet.

The BlueBird XL plugs into a standard household outlet. It ships in a special carton with vacuum-formed padding to assure that the kiln will arrive safely.

And, of course, the BlueBird XL is made in Mesquite, Texas to exacting standards.


Features of the BlueBird XL

- Paragon Touch Express digital controller

- 2 – 3 1/2” high doors with flexible high-temperature gasket

- Rare-earth magnets hold the doors open or closed

- The firing chamber is 8” deep measured with doors closed; 10” deep measured with doors open

- Ceramic fiber firing chamber for rapid heating

- 2” thick ceramic fiber doors with flexible gaskets

- Mandrel holders attach to the kiln with magnets

- 1500°F maximum temperature

- Ceramic fiber roof with embedded elements

- Mar-proof plastic feet

- On-off safety switch



- Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

- Max Temp: 1500° F | 816° C

- Voltage: 120

- Amps: 14

- Phase: 1

- Hertz: 60

- Watts: 1800

- Cordset: NEMA 5-15P

- Controller: Paragon Touch Express by Bartlett Instrument Company

- Kiln Type: Front Loading Square

- Sides: 4


Chamber Dimensions:

- Chamber Volume: 0.47 CU.FT. | 13.31 Liters

- Width: 20″ - 508mm

- Depth: 8″ - 203mm

- Height: 4.5″ - 114mm

- Outer Size: 29.0″W x 20.0″D x 17.0″H | 737W x 508D x 432H mm

- Ship Size: 31.0″W x 24.0″D x 22.0″H | 787W x 610D x 559H mm

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fantastic work horse!

by -

I believe that the bluebird xl is one of the best sized kilns for your everyday production glass work. Nice n wide ya got plenty of room for finished work on the right side and 10 slots for prewarming blanks on the left. The controller is amazing as well with plenty of programmable segments for stricking colors or even for fusing projects. All and all I have had my bluebird xl for almost 3.5 years now (firing it almost everyday) and have only had to change the relay last year (like 30 bucks) and the roof elements just a week ago (only reason why the elements blew out was due to electrical work being done in my neighborhood and I didn't turn off and unplug my kiln when I knew there could be a surge... silly me) All and all I recommend this kiln like crazy. Much love yall! -Ian Rizk Melodium glass

work horse

by -

I love my Bluebird it is great for the active lampworker it truley is like having two kilns in one there is plenty of room for all your prep work and finished pieces no clanging and clapping your work together trying to find room the Bluebird is like a garage for your work

Quality & Reliability


I have had my Bluebird XL kiln for 15 years now and it's still going strong and had never given me a moment of trouble. It has a long interior where I can put tons of beads, or kiln furniture, or larger items. It has good range and the digital controls are simple to use, and the elements and interior brick are sturdy. I highly recommend this kiln to any bead or smaller iten boro artist.

Perfect fire it up!!


Love this kiln works perfectly has a bunch of settings for easy change in temperature and time I recommend it!

A faithful Paragon user no more.😢


I’ve loved my bluebird faithfully. I’ve had her for ten years. I’ve replaced one relay and the sealed elements once. All fine and good. My elements went out again about a month ago. The replacement cost is about $900 with shipping now. I just can’t justify buying another one. And now the old one has no resale value since it will cost so much to replace that element. I do this for a living and I depend on my kiln. I’ve lost time and money. I contacted the company but they didn’t seem to give a flip.